Business Wealth Without Risk by Roland Frasier & Jay Abraham

Business Wealth Without Risk by Roland Frasier & Jay Abraham Book Review

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“Find the people who are where you want to be, get to know them, and then do what they do. It sounds ridiculously simple, but it kind of is.”

— Roland Frasier

Years ago, I met Roland Frasier. It was purely by accident. At the time, I was interviewing well-known entrepreneurs. People like Russell Brunson, Jeremy Delk and Howard Panes. And shortly after interviewing Ryan Deiss for a Forbes article, I received a call. It was Deiss’s assistant. She asked me if I’d like to speak to a man named, Roland Frasier.

Who? At the time, I had no idea who Frasier was. Let alone be willing to interview him for a Forbes article. When I learned that he was Ryan’s business partner, my attitude changed. I picked up the phone and gave him a call. Little did I know that this single phone call would lead my life in a new direction and open up endless doors for me.

So when I heard that Roland Frasier was launching a new book called Business Wealth Without Risk, and doing it with marketing and business legend, Jay Abraham, I was super excited. The truth is this. I have never seen someone bend over backward so much for others than Frasier. He is a master at business relationships and extremely savvy when it comes to acquiring businesses.

Naturally, if you’re looking to learn about business growth, business acquisitions, marketing, sales or even how to exit a business, this is the book for you. Plenty of entrepreneurs fail in business for good reason. It isn’t easy to manage a business. But for some others, business seems effortless. So which one is true?

How To Create Wealth In Business Without Risk

While every business does carry some degree of risk, there is a way to create business wealth while putting virtually nothing on the line. That’s where Frasier comes in. Let me explain.

First off, you might think it’s impossible to enter into business without risking something, anything. Most people say that. They think, there’s no way you can create business wealth without risk, right? But Frasier has a unique approach to this that most others do not understand.

There is a way to approach businesses to acquire them by putting nothing down. Meaning, you don’t have to risk any capital to acquire a business. We’re not just talking about boring businesses here. We’re talking about all businesses across the board. Businesses with recurring revenues and high margins.

So why would a business owner want to step away from a business like that? For many reasons. They could be retiring, tired of the long hours, going through a divorce, family drama, relocating, or a million other reasons. The point is that it doesn’t matter. What matters is that they are willing to sell the business to you.

It’s similar to negotiating with distressed sellers in real estate. There are many reasons why a person wants to sell their house fast. But that doesn’t matter to you. What matters is your ability to find that deal and get it closed. It’s no different in business.

Steps For Building Wealth In Business

Naturally, there are steps you need to take to build wealth in business. The truth is that some people build wealth in real estate and others do it in business. While there is no perfect strategy, when you’re buying, growing and scaling businesses, there are some things you should take into account.

Do Thorough Research & Planning

One thing Roland Frasier is skilled at is research and planning. As an ex-tax attorney that makes sense. Attorneys are skilled, by trade, to pay extreme attention to detail and conduct extensive research and planning to make sure that they win their cases.

Frasier was able to transfer that skill into the business acquisition space. As part owner of multiple businesses, including Digital Marketer with Ryan Deiss, Frasier has an added edge in marketing. He understands how to research the industry, competitors, and the target audience, helping him navigate potential challenges and developing strategies to overcome them.

Hire Business Experts

Recognizing that you cannot do everything alone is an important skill in business. Most entrepreneurs who fail try to do everything themselves. However, this is not scalable because you can’t do everything yourself. Without hiring experts, it’s hard to scale any business you acquire or build from the ground up.

This includes all areas of expertise. Whether you need help in accounting, legal work, compliance, copywriting, marketing, sales, conversions, and so on, do not be afraid to hire. This will help you scale your business fast.

Create & Maintain a Strong Cash Flow

No matter what you say, cash is king in business. And a business without cash flow will eventually cease to exist. When you’re buying a business, it’s important to understand the profit and loss statement to ensure that there is strong cash flow.

Getting a business cash flow positive is crucial. And it should be the primary objective no matter where you start in business. If a business is hemorrhaging cash it’s only a matter of time before it goes under. This is clearly a foundational component to business growth.

Test and Iterate

Instead of diving headfirst into a large venture, test your product or service on a smaller scale. Analyze results, learn, make improvements, and then scale. This is true in every area of the business, and not only for initially rolling out the product or service.

This also includes testing your offers and sales funnels, headlines, images, ads, and so on. Every aspect of the business, from the underlying offer, to leads, sales and conversions should be tested and iterated upon to perfect it.

Implement Risk Management Practices

This is the name of the game for Frasier’s Business Wealth book. But risk management can come in many different forms. For example, business insurance is just one type of risk management practice you should be taking in your business.

Others include things like ensuring you have the right business structure to protect personal assets, having compliance practices in place, constantly reviewing operations, and and so forth. The goal here is to insulate you from risk as much as possible.

Adopting Technology

Most entrepreneurs understand that technology is key in helping to automate, grow and scale your business. The goal is to adopt the right type of technology to not only streamlines operations but also to uncover patterns that can lead to better decision-making.

One such technology growing today is the use of AI and machine learning. The rapid growth of tools in this area can be overwhelming, but there are so many options available today aside from simply ChatGPT that will help you better scale.

Build Relationships

Whether it’s with suppliers, clients, employees or peers, strong relationships can pave the way for collaborations, better deals, and referrals. Becoming an expert at building effective relationships should be at the top of your list.

This doesn’t just mean asking others for help. It means giving and providing value to others. That is where relationships are formed and flourish.

Stay Liquid

While reinvesting in the business is essential, ensure you have enough liquidity to get you through the tough times. This gives you the flexibility to capitalize on opportunities and weather downturns. If your business is cash flow positive, it’s easier to stay liquid.

Have An Exit Strategy

Frasier is the king at planning an exit strategy, even before acquiring a business. But whether you’re buying a business or growing one from the ground up, you should plan your exit and know your numbers.

This helps for whether you aim to sell your business, pass it down, or license your products/services. The goal is to have a strategy in place. This ensures you realize the maximum value of your efforts.

How To Build Business Wealth With Minimal Risk

Building a business in the traditional sense is hard. It requires maximum effort, capital, and skills. That’s because starting from the ground up is incredibly time intensive. However, over the years, Frasier’s ability to acquire businesses with no money or capital upfront has blazed a path for other entrepreneurs.

In fact, he teaches this specific strategy in his EPIC business challenge. Most people think that acquiring a business will cost a lot of money. However, just like in real estate, this is more about creative financing than it is about putting anything upfront.

Overall, here’s a few things you’re going to learn from this book:

  • 7 methods for generating profits that are sustainable in any business. These methods are often overlooked by most entrepreneurs but exist across the board no matter what type of business you’re in.
  • An exact formula on how to calculate business decisions that virtually removes all of the most common risks associated with them. This will help you understand how to buy, grow and scale businesses no matter what level you’re starting at.
  • How to build a shield that will protect you from risk in your business, which works no matter where you’re starting from. Even if you’re brand new to business, this will help you to overcome some of the biggest obstacles that hold most people back from starting.
  • How to scale your business in any industry, completely risk-free. This will help you understand the secrets behind business growth no matter the type of business you’re acquiring, building or growing.
  • How to multiply your profits by collaborating with your competitors in business. This will turn your competition into your biggest proponents and works in any industry across the board no matter what you’re selling.

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