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Over the years, I’ve written and published over 40 books that run the gamut from technology, to marketing, inspiration, and human behavior. I’m obsessed with understanding things in great detail, and helping to shed light on some of what I’ve learned.

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How Not to Give Up: A Motivational & Inspirational Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving Your Dreams

How Not to Give Up by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? You can set simpler and more effective goals when you understand the goal-setting process and just what makes us keep pushing towards some goals, and give up on others.

The book was named to Forbes’ Top 5 Business Books of the summer, and is definitely the one I would recommend reading first if you’re serious about goal setting.

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The Art of Persistence: The Simple Secrets to Long Term Success

The Art of Persistence by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book?
 While many people talk about achieving big things, we all know that accomplishing monumental goals in life is difficult, to say the least. Often, we fail to follow through after we hit some stumbling blocks, ultimately giving up on what we started.

But this book sheds light on how we can persist towards any goal by understanding the underlying beliefs, habits, and reasons why we really want the things that we want out of life. These are the all-important, yet super simple secrets to long-term success.

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Cracking the Code: Breaking through Self-Imposed Limitations

Cracking the Code by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? There’s a simple method to accomplishing what we set out to achieve that’s often overlooked. Often, we find ourselves stretched too thin and simply overwhelmed by life. But, breaking through those self-imposed limitations isn’t difficult if you know where to begin.

This book will guide you through the process of truly understanding what it is that you want out of life, and taking the right steps to achieve it.

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The Millionaire Method: How to Get Out of Debt and Earn Financial Freedom

The Millionaire Method by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? The burden of debt and the stress that it can bring on can be overbearing at times. But the biggest problem with how we handle our money has a lot to do with the psychology of the mind. By understanding that interaction happening in the subconscious, we can leverage it to get ahead rather than fall behind.

In this book, you’ll learn how to get out of debt and earn financial freedom using sound financial principles consistently wielded over time.

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The Science of Success: How to Harness a Powerful Systematic Approach to Achieving Your Goals

The Science of Success by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? Success in life can seem fleeting sometimes. We seem to work so hard but achieve so little. Why is that? When we fail at achieving our goals and suffer the setbacks and upsets that come with failure, it can seem as though we’ll never make the breakthroughs that we’re after. But, where most people fail is in their approach.

In this book, you’ll discover the five reasons why most people fail to achieve their goals, uncover a systematic approach for achieving your goals through a seven-step process, and learn six different strategies for developing effective plans for success, and much more.

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Move Mountains: How to Accomplish Anything In Your Life With the Power of Positive Thinking

Move Mountains by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? Our thoughts are very powerful. They are the energy that makes us into whom we are. By learning to leverage those same thoughts we have every single day by cultivating the positive ones, we can achieve our wildest and loftiest goals almost on auto-pilot.

In this book, you’ll learn how to stamp out negative thoughts, rewrite your beliefs, and use positive thinking to literally move mountains in your life. Anything can be achieved. Anything.

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Chasing the Frog: How to Achieve Success in Life by Building an Empowering Morning Routine

Chasing the Frog by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? If you want to achieve lofty goals in life, you need an empowering morning routine. Success begins in the morning when we’re fresh and tackle the day with zeal and energy. And by creating a set of habits that will empower rather than hinder, we can achieve anything over time.

Find out how some of the most successful people in the world have achieved their goals. Then, uncover what it takes to build out your own empowering morning routine to achieve greatness.

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The Silk Merchant: Ancient Words of Wisdom to Help You Live a Better Life Today

The Silk Merchant by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? Tired of living the same life on repeat? Sick of waking up day after day only to repeat the same cycle again, living a life devoid of energy and enthusiasm? If you’ve been wondering just what it takes to achieve your goals, or you’ve been dwelling on past events, or find yourself constantly worrying about the future, then this book is for you.

In The Silk Merchant, you’ll find a powerful story that takes place more than 2,000 years ago and follows the tale of one of the richest merchants to have ever lived. In the story, you’ll uncover simple but powerful advice that act as the foundational principles of success both then and now.

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Habit Flip: Transform Your Life with 101 Small Changes to Your Daily Routines

Habit Flip by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? If we were to stop and think about it, we could find dozens upon dozens of ways that we could improve our lives. It’s not always about making monumental changes that helps to affect the long-term outcome of just what we can achieve, but rather, the small things that we do on a daily basis.

In Habit Flip, you’ll learn how to 1) Identify, 2) Analyze, 3) Disrupt, 4) Integrate, and 5) Rebuild the habits that you implement on a daily basis. You’ll also find 101 daily habits that you can incorporate into your daily routines so that you can improve your life.

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How to be Happy: An Inspirational Guide to Discovering what Happiness is and How to Have More of it in your Life

How to be Happy by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? Most people want to be happy, deep down inside, but so few people are. We go about our days worried, stressed, and filled with anxiety and fear. We are so caught up with what’s happening in our lives that we stop for a moment to really appreciate all that we are, have, and are capable of.

Things won’t make us happy. They never have and they never will. They provide moments of bliss that are fleeting and temporary. True happiness is buried deep down inside, and in this book I’ll teach you just how to uncover it. All of us can be happy if we implement the strategies discussed in this book.

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Breakthrough: Live an Inspired Life, Overcome Your Obstacles, and Accomplish Your Dreams

Breakthrough by R.L. AdamsWhy You Should Choose this Book? Fear of failure and the what-ifs that we create in our mind tend to hold us back from living the life of our dreams. We often have a doomsday mindset that keeps us mentally caged, unable to break free.

If you’re sick and tired of setting goals and not fulfilling them, then you need a breakthrough. With a little bit of understanding, planning, and reorganization of our minds, we can achieve even the most loftiest of goals. In this book, I’ll show you just how to do that while overcoming those nasty fears.

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