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Over the years, I’ve written and published over 40 books that run the gamut from technology, to marketing, inspiration, and human behavior. I’m obsessed with understanding things in great detail, and helping to shed light on some of what I’ve learned.

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  • How Not To Give Up
  • The Art of Persistence
  • The Millionaire Method
  • Cracking the Code

How Not to Give Up:
A Motivational & Inspirational Guide to Goal Setting and Achieving Your Dreams

  • How Not to Give Up
  • You can set simpler and more effective goals when you understand the goal-setting process and just what makes us keep pushing towards some goals, and give up on others.

    The book was named to Forbes’ Top 5 Business Books of the summer, and is definitely the one I would recommend reading first if you’re serious about goal setting.

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The Art of Persistence:
The Simple Secrets to Long-Term Success

  • The Art of Persistence
  • While many people talk about achieving big things, we all know that accomplishing monumental goals in life is difficult, to say the least. Often, we fail to follow through after we hit some stumbling blocks, ultimately giving up on what we started.

    But this book sheds light on how we can persist towards any goal by understanding the underlying beliefs, habits, and reasons why we really want the things that we want out of life. These are the all-important, yet super simple secrets to long-term success.

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The Millionaire Method:
How to get out of Debt and Earn Financial Freedom by Understanding the Psychology of the Millionaire Mind

  • The Art of Persistence
  • The burden of debt and the stress that it can bring on can be overbearing at times. But the biggest problem with how we handle our money has a lot to do with the psychology of the mind. By understanding that interaction happening in the subconscious, we can leverage it to get ahead rather than fall behind.

    In this book, you’ll learn how to get out of debt and earn financial freedom using sound financial principles consistently wielded over time.

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