Affiliate Disclosure

I am a firm believer in transparency on the internet. I believe that people that are promoting certain products or services should reveal their relationship to said products or services if they in fact do receive an affiliate commission. For that reason, I am disclosing that some of the links that you’ll find here on Wanderlust Worker are affiliate links. When you click or purchase from those links, I might receive a small commission for the sale.

However, this doesn’t mean that my opinion is for sale. My ultimate goal here is to help educate and inform the general public about certain areas of business or self-development that will improve their lives. Yet, another goal here is to keep the wheels of commerce greased and turning by generating revenue to support this site (which is a fairly costly undertaking, might I add). Please understand that this is not some completely altruistic pursuit; this is a for-profit business.

Aside from marketing my own books and courses, which you can readily find in the menu at the top of this screen, I’m also an affiliate for companies like Bluehost, ClickFunnels, Aweber, GoBiotix, The Company Corporation, NeuroGym, EPIC Challenge, Udemy and several others.

These are all companies that I firmly believe in, stand behind and have tried out there products and services in one capacity or another. Please note that I don’t receive or am given free products or services by any of these companies in exchange for marketing or mentioning them on this site.