About this Blog

If you’re anything like me, then you’re serious about improving your life. You’re serious about things like setting goals and implementing good habits to help further you along on the path to those goals.

However, if you’re also anything like me, then you’ve probably had some problems in the past. You’ve likely tried to set goals, were excited about them in the beginning, but eventually, over time, those bad habits kicked in and you pretty much just gave up.

Or, maybe you’ve failed along the way and there’s just so much pain there now that you’re too afraid to lurch forward. And that’s okay. It’s happened to me as well.

The truth is that we often feel so pressed for time, like we have a million things to do and simply no possible way to do them, that we just get frustrated. But I’m here to help guide you along so that you don’t throw in that proverbial towel.

In fact, the reason why I created this blog was to help readers like you to better understand what they want out of life and how they can get it. Whether it’s to lose weight, make more money, start a new business or whatever it might be.

The problem that I saw was that there were a lot of blogs out there created for self-improvement, but they were all a bit thin in the form of content. They never went into detail about how to do things. They would cut off right when it was getting good. That frustrated me immensely so I committed to not doing that here. That’s why you’ll find that I deep-dive into concepts like goals, habits, skill sets, business marketing and so on.

That might be why every month, nearly 200,000 people visit this site to learn how they can achieve their dreams. And that’s exactly what I want to help you do — to achieve your dreams. I want to help you avoid getting discouraged by things like failure or bad habits and just about anything else. I sincerely want to help you see the forest through the trees.

So, I hope that you enjoy the content here. I hope that you stay awhile and engage in conversations through the comments. I hope that you share useful posts with your friends and that you improve your life, achieve your goals and accomplish all your dreams. That’s what motivates me. To help others.

I hope that you enjoy reading the articles as much as I enjoy writing them.

-R.L. “Robert” Adams