Roland Frasier: Who Is He?

.”All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.” — Walt Disney

Let me tell you a story. It’s a story of hope and inspiration. It invokes the power of contribution and the laws of reciprocity and abundance all wrapped up into one. It also happens to be a story that involves Roland Frasier, one of the most talented entrepreneurs and gifted business intellects on this planet. There’s no doubt in my mind that I stumbled into this relationship by sheer luck. But now that I know who Roland Frasier is, let me give inquiring minds a brief synopsis and picture into the life of one of the most well-connected, humble and giving entrepreneurs on this planet.

So who is he? Well, to truly answer this question is no easy feat. If you want to know who Roland Frasier is, I can likely dive into a laundry list of all his accomplishments and of the people he spends his time with. Today, Frasier is renowned amongst the most elite circles of entrepreneurs on this planet as he helms some of the greatest masterminds, such as the War Room Mastermind, which is one of the top masterminds in the world for connecting with the best of the best. A place I recently made a presentation about ninja-worthy SEO strategies.

He’s also at the helm of the Closing Table Mastermind, a collective that includes some of the top real estate minds in the world, such as Sam Khorramian, founder of Big Block Realty, a real estate powerhouse. Frasier is also principal of a little company called Digital Marketer, who runs and manages alongside partners Perry Belcher and Ryan Deiss, two titans in the online marketing world. But that’s not all. Frasier owns an interest in so many other businesses and is continuously investing in others while constantly working to grow and scale his existing portfolio of companies that he controls both individually and with other partners.

Who Is Roland Frasier?

To be honest, I couldn’t have answered that question had you asked me a couple of years back. I had no idea who he was. No clue whatsoever. But in order to explain to you who he is, let me tell you how our paths crossed. Not too long ago, my business collapsed. I had a dispute with my business partner after inviting him into a business after a year of building it and giving him 50%. The truth is that we built that business together. But it was taken from me. Years of work and effort down the drain.

That business was pulled from right out from beneath my nose. After I had invested all of my energy into developing a platform and building a business that was finally starting to pay off after three long years, it was snatched away. It’s hard to forgive a person for something like that. It’s even harder not to go out and try to ruin that person’s life. The funny thing is, even after I decided to let it all go, this individual went around 6 months after the fact and decided to sue me. Yep. It was awful and horrendous and mind-numbing all at once.

I was in a bad place mentally. Distraught. Upset. I was so angry that I didn’t know what to do. A slew of emotions were running through my mind. And I was on the brink of emotional collapse. After working for three years, and ensuring that I took financial care of this ex-business partner of mine by paying him a salary, paying for his housing, his car, his insurance and his expenses, and me forgoing any form of salary or on-going payments, I was left with nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada.

Okay, maybe not nothing in the total sense of things. I was left with my skill, my wit, my abilities and most importantly, my ability to contribute to two of the most renowned media publications on earth — Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine. So I used what I had and instead of focusing on trying to hurt another human being, I shifted my focus to helping others. I reached out to the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and chronicled their journeys in these publications. I did it out of a sheer desire and willingness to help others without the expectation of anything in return.

However, a funny thing happens when you go out and help others. There’s something called the Law of Reciprocity that comes into full force in your life. The truth is that when you focus on positivity and abundance, you get far further than when you focus on negativity and lack. So I started interviewing people who I knew had made it. I started with Russell Brunson. Then, it was David Sharpe. And after that it was Ryan Deiss. But little did I know that Frasier was Deiss’s partner at Digital Marketer, a behemoth in the digital marketing industry.

I wrote about them in Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, and effectively made my way along a daisy chain of some of the most gifted and talented business people and marketers on the planet. But here’s something that I discovered. Hands down, Frasier outshines them all. I would best liken him to the man behind the curtain in the Wizard of Oz. He is the all-seeing omnipotent controller of the land. But in a good way. Because, not only is he one of the most talented business minds on the planet, he’s also one of the most generous as well.

Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Before I met Frasier, I was reaching out to whoever I could get hold of in the world of ultra-successful entrepreneurs. Russell Brunson, at the time, was just passing $30 million per year in income at ClickFunnels. Today, he’s quadrupled that number. So he was still reachable. David Sharpe was another one that I reached out to. But the beauty of reaching Frasier was this. He’s what you call a super connector. Super connectors are few and far between. Meaning, he put me in touch with the most successful people on the planet with just one text string.

Here’s the thing about Frasier. I was already willing to give him as much press as he wanted. But he decided to make me an irresistible offer. He said, Robert, I’ll put you in touch with anyone you want to reach. No strings attached. All I ask is that you help me and give me some press. I was in. One million percent, I was in. But what I quickly realized was that he wasn’t joking around. Literally, within moments he started putting me in touch with people who I had admired for years. People like Frank Kern, Dean Graziosi, Jason Fladlien (the $100 million webinar king), Joe Polish, John Assaraf, and Kent Clothier, who is arguably the king of the wholesale real estate flipping market.

Each of these individuals was willing to bend over backwards for me because of their relationship with Frasier. So here’s the question that entered my mind. Who are you, Roland Frasier? You see, here’s the thing. There are few people in this world you can connect you to an army of people like that and have them bend over backwards to help serve you. Not only that, but they were each, not only willing, but wanted to find a way to work with me. In fact, one of those introductions spawned into a business partnership.

So, here’s the thing that I came to learn. It’s something that my now-good friend, David Sharpe, says so often. Your network is your net worth. Incredible things happen when you surround yourself with the right people. And if you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’re in the wrong room. Frasier is so well respected that Jason Fladlien, the proverbial king of all webinars, bent over backwards to help me with my webinar. But that’s not all. The list is literally endless. Because of introductions from Frasier, someone like Frank Kern spent hours on the phone with me telling me his life story, willing to help me with whatever it is that I needed help with.

One text string from Frasier, also resulted in a great relationship with Dean Graziosi, who invited me to the 100k Group, a Genius Network mastermind where people pay $100,000 per year to attend. It’s there that I met incredibly talented people like Harry Massey, the genius scientist who created a revolutionary company called NES Health and Dave Woodward, Russell Brunson’s right-hand man, who’s another one of the most gifted networkers of all time. These are people you spend years and decades trying to build relationships with and Frasier simply handed them over like it was nothing.

Thanks to Frasier, I met Kent Clothier, one of the driving forces in the wholesale real estate industry. And it was through that relationship that Kribbz was born and the platform that I had worked so tirelessly on for years was salvaged in some way. Although Kribbz is a large departure from the past business model, it’s a company that’s set to revolutionize how real estate is bought and sold in the United States. If that isn’t exciting and disruptive all at once, I don’t know what is. And to think, none of this would have happened had I not decided to go out there and help others. That just shows you the true power of the law of reciprocity.

Scaling Your Business

If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from meeting Frasier, it’s this. Surround yourself with the right people. Go out there and help others. And you never know who you’re going to meet. You are literally one contact away from your very own super connector. To me, Frasier is that super connector. He’s someone that can reach the right people at the right time. He’s spent years and years cultivating those relationships. And if you can get in the room with him, do it. You see, there’s something to be said about surrounding yourself with leaders like Frasier by attending masterminds. You might be paying a lot of money, but it’s one of the fastest ways to scale your business and accelerate your progress.

Granted, this is a guy who built over a million followers on Facebook in 8 months on a whim. We’re talking, real and genuine followers by using the value-add approach and by boosting those videos. You might have seen them floating around on this Facebook page. But either way, if you have the chance to meet Frasier or get in the same room with him, listen to everything this guy has to say. He is literally a wizard at scaling businesses and he’s the guy you want to have in your corner. Period.