Welcome to the resources page, a curated set of some of the best products and services that are available for use online to to improve your life and your business.

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Make More Offers Challenge

If your business is struggling. And you stay up at night not knowing what to do or how to feed your family. Because there’s simply not enough money at the end of the month. Then join this now.

WritePro Copywriting

WritePro is a monthly copywriting subscription service that replaces unreliable freelancers and expensive agencies for one flat monthly fee, with copy delivered so fast it will blow your mind.

EPIC Business Challenge

This 5-day challenge hosted by  legendary investor & entrepreneur, Roland Frasier will help you learn the exact strategies he used to found, acquire, scale and sell over 2 dozen businesses.

Tesla Motors

Purchase a Tesla (aka the best car in the world) electric vehicle using my referral link and get up to $500 off and 3 months of Full Self-Driving capability included in your purchase right now!

ClickFunnels Software

ClickFunnels is the most versatile and feature-rich sales funnel software in the world. Automate and streamline your funnel-building today! Signup for the 14-day free trial today.

Fiverr Marketplace

Fiverr is a great resource for getting virtually any type of job done imaginable. It’s by far the biggest online marketplace in the Gig Economy for buying and selling all types of professional services.

Freshbooks Accounting

Cloud software from FreshBooks is a hassle-free way to handle your all your accounting needs. The platform is scalable, easy-to-use and incredibly feature-rich.

Brain-A-Thon Event

Do you struggle with self-discipline Are you unable to overcome the bad habits holding you back in life? This training will help you rewire and retrain your brain for success.

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