5 Ways To Make Money Fast

5 Legit Ways To Make Money Fast

“Lack of money is the root of all evil.”

— George Bernard Shaw

We are marching toward an unknown future. One filled with technological marvels in a matrix that blurs the lines between science fiction and reality. It’s unclear what tomorrow holds. Will a technological singularity overtake the human race? Will we learn to download information in seconds, learning languages and skills in a moment with technologies like Neuralink?

No one knows. And no one could tell you one way or another. But what’s clear is this. The pace of change that’s happening right now should terrify you. And I’m not just talking about how we consume or interact with technology. I’m talking about how we live, govern our lives, earn money, communicate, transact, and everything in between.

Today, we think fast, act fast, shop fast, and consume information fast. But can we learn to make money just as fast? Especially with the oncoming technological revolution? The truth? No one knows what tomorrow holds. But we do know this. In human terms, the word fast will become obsolete. There is no comparison when going head-to-head with the breathtaking capabilities of AI.

So is Skynet on the horizon? Or will we wrangle the singularity to control and wield it to advance civilization thousands of years in a matter of decades? And where does that leave us, the ordinary folk, who just want to live in peace and still be able to earn money from a golden-sanded beach listening to the sound of gentle waves cascading ashore?

What Does The Future Hold?

Okay. Enough of all the doom and gloom talk. This isn’t about painting an ominous future or making you afraid of what tomorrow holds. The goal here is to unveil real ways to make money online in an ever-changing world.

With the introduction of AI, deep learning, spatial computing, and the adoption of virtual reality, things are changing fast. So understanding what tomorrow holds will help you prepare to get wildly rich with the right timing. The future is not about doing low-paying gigs or competing with offshore developers on some random platform.

It’s about understanding where technology is going and placing yourself right in the center of it all by understanding the mechanics of making real money. This is about immersion. Not dabbling. Of course, there are no promises. And there certainly are no guarantees in life. But knowing where we are heading, and understanding all the technologies that will impact us tomorrow, will help set you up to earn wild amounts of income.

How To Make Money Fast

Everyone wants to make money. Obviously. Since the introduction of money, we’ve learned to amass more and more of it. But at the end of the day, money is just energy. That will not change in the future. And your ability to attract money into your life has as much to do with your thoughts and your beliefs as it does with the strategies you harness to make it.

Because think of it like this. Many people have a victim mindset. They have a poor-me attitude, always feeling sorry for themselves. Asking for handouts and begging others for menial jobs is not the way to make money fast. It’s the way to work hard and make money slow. Not only do you need to be ready for what tomorrow holds, you have to upgrade your thoughts about money today.

I am a firm believer in manifestation. Life or reality or whatever you want to call it is not real. It’s created by our minds through some interdimensional process. You might not think that’s true but I can assure you that it is. So if you really do want to make money quickly you have to change the way that you think about everything (not just money).

Your energy and your attitude dictate your ability to attract money into your life. The better you are at doing this the quicker you’ll earn those stacks of cash today and tomorrow. And the best way to do this is simple. Instead of solving small problems you have to solve big problems. Small problems would be delivering food on some random app. Big problems would be helping said app increase its sales and conversions.

Not An Expert? So What…?

The one thing that always gets in the way of our plans for the future is this pesky little thing that keeps popping up in our minds called belief. Do you believe you can do something no matter what? Think of it like this. You play video games for years. And you’re the undisputed champion amongst your friends. You have this swagger that makes you unstoppable. But were you that good when you started? Nope.

Everyone has to start somewhere. So don’t let a pesky little disbelief hold you back from living the life of your dreams. You do not need to be an expert to make money online or offline. You simply need to be a couple of steps ahead of someone else who’s willing to learn from you. And you need to understand how to market your knowledge and wisdom the right way and not spin your wheels wasting time.

Because, at the end of the day, it’s all about marketing. Ask someone like Russell Brunson and he’ll tell you precisely how money really works. Here’s what he says. If you had $5 to your name, spend $1 making the thing you’re going to sell and $4 marketing it. The problem is that people work in reverse order. They spend all their time making this great product, but not enough time marketing it.

Marketing always comes first. And to make money today or in the future, you must understand the psychological principles of making money. I’m not talking about tricking people into buying the thing you’re selling. I’m talking about ethical principles like urgency and scarcity. That’s where you get people to buy based on deadlines and the number of units or spots left.

You see this all the time. Sales are “limited time only” and you’ll often see that there are “only 4 left in stock” when you go to buy something on Amazon. Countdown timers, units available, spots open, and so on, are all examples of urgency and scarcity at play. Why do you think people rush to Best Buy and wait hours in the middle of the night to get the best deals when they open? Because they only have a limited number of “the best deals” available.

The Four Levels Of Value

Before I outline the 5 legit ways you can make money fast I need to explain a concept to you. This is not a concept I created. But it’s one that holds the key to unlocking your future money-making ability. And that concept is called the four levels of value. Conceived by legendary entrepreneur and business coach, Myron Golden, it illuminates where to spend your time to maximize your results.

The one consistent theme here is value. To make money you need to provide value. And the level of value that you provide dictates the amount of money you earn. Think of it like this. McDonald’s needs to hire a new cashier. How many people have the skill level to work at McDonald’s as a cashier? A lot, right? So is this a big problem for McDonald’s to solve or a small problem?

It’s a small problem because thousands of people are willing to work there at the drop of a hat. And that right there shows you the level of value that a cashier at McDonald’s can provide the company. It’s the lowest level of value. Not because McDonald’s isn’t a great company. It’s simply a level of value that does not require a lot of creativity or imagination or management skills.

So what are the four levels of value?

Level 1 — Implementation: Using Your Muscles

Any type of job that involves labor is using your muscles to make money. There are not many demands on your mind to be creative or think outside the box. You simply have a task to do and you have to complete it in a specified amount of time. This can be any type of labor from working as a cashier to working on a construction site.

The point here is that you’re providing value through implementation. And this is the lowest level of value because it doesn’t involve much aside from physically doing the work you’re assigned to do. This is usually doing paid hourly work. It can range based on hourly pay, but it usually caps out somewhere around $30,000 per year to $80,000 per year.

Level 2 — Unification: Management Skills

The second level of value according to Myron Golden is called unification. With unification, you’re not simply implementing and using your muscles. Here, you’re bringing people together by using management skills.

At this level of value, you can expect to earn anywhere from $40,000 to $250,000. This is a step up from the first level, but you’re still limited here on the amount of money you can earn. To really progress, you have to increase your level of value to levels three or four.

Level 3 — Communication: Using Your Mouth to Sell

The third level of value is communication. This is where you’re using your mouth to make money. Typically, this is in a sales capacity. This level of value allows you to speak your way to making lots of money in your business or in your life.

At this level of value, you can expect to make anywhere between $100,000 and $100 million per year. However, this level of value also sees you doing things very differently than you would at the lower levels. Things like outsourcing and scaling play a part in this level.

Level 4 — Imagination: Using Your Mind to Make Money

The highest level of value is imagination. This is when you use your mind to make money. And this can take on many, many forms. But when you think about it, the biggest companies in the world were built on the backs of imagination.

Ascending to this level, you can expect to make anywhere from $1 million per year to billions. This level has no limit and it’s the one that every single one of us should aspire to reach.

#1 — Build Sales Funnels

Websites are officially dead and sales funnels are the future. But what is a sales funnel? And how do you use it to make money? Sales funnels are web pages that allow only one direct path forward. They remove all the confusion and options that regular websites have.

Sales funnels operate on intention. They’re intended to either generate a lead, make a sale, convert traffic, and so on. But they have a very specific intention. It’s the exact opposite of a website that has all sorts of information about the company, its founder, its products, and so on.

Sales funnels are the way to grow a business from zero to hero in short periods. That’s why if you bother to learn anything, you should learn precisely how to build sales funnels that actually convert. Businesses will gladly pay you to help increase their leads, their sales and their conversion.

This allows you to deliver a higher level of value. This is not just about implementation. You are using your creativity to build funnels that help maximize traffic, leads and sales. Rather than going to a website where the traffic is just lost, in a funnel, it helps move a person from prospect to buyer very fast.

#2 — Build Systems

The second way you can make money fast is to build systems and processes for businesses. To do this, you can leverage AI to help integrate processes to streamline a company’s workload. This can be in the order stage, fulfillment side, customer service, and so on.

Learn how to use a site called Zapier, and you can connect various systems together without learning how to code. This is an easy way to help a company streamline their processes and a very effective way to help you earn money in the process.

However, systems are not just using Zapier to connect things. Systems also include building out Trello boards, Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) and more. It’s a way that you can take what a company does and break down into a format that anyone can digest, especially when there are new employees and ongoing churn (old employees leaving and new ones being hired).

#3 — Social Media

The entire world is at our fingertips. Period. Platforms like TikTok and X.com allow us to quickly connect with the world. These two should become your best friends. But so should platforms like Instagram and Facebook, because they’re still kicking after all.

Social media is very powerful. You can use it to drum up new business by documenting your journey. And you can also use it to direct message businesses that you can help on the very same platforms. The beauty is that you can quickly go viral on platforms like TikTok and X.com.

Understand, harness and leverage the power of social media. Post content multiple times per day and build a following. Don’t wait until you own a business or are hunting for clients. Start doing this right now, today. Because, after all, social media is the future.

#4 — Real Estate

The fourth way to make money in the future is real estate. The truth is that real estate has created more millionaires than any other industry. Period. It’s not even close. Andrew Carnegie once said that “90% of millionaires become so through real estate.”

However, you don’t need lots of money to get into real estate. You can wholesale real estate. It means you’re hunting down properties that you can purchase on the cheap and then flip those contracts to cash buyers. It takes a lot of cold calling to get a deal, but it’s well worth it.

Many people report earning tens of thousands of dollars through a single wholesale real estate transaction. The truth is that cash buyers can’t be bothered to hunt for deals on their own. So you bring the deals and hand it to them on a silver platter.

#5 — Spatial Computing

The future is in spatial computing. Does that mean that the ways we can make money will change from what we can do now? Yes and no. Yes, in the fact that technology will be more interactive. Can they touch something that leads them into a purchase experience? Probably. But what does that change for you?

How this really matters is that you get very familiar with spatial computing and position yourself to take advantage of the boom. Like in the early 2000’s when websites were taking off or the App Store boom in 2010’s, surely there will be a way to build these interactive experiences for spatial computing.

Ask yourself how you can best leverage this. Can you create a spatial computing agency? Can you be a spatial computing consultant? Knowing that this technology is literally around the corner should help you prepare for what’s to come.