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Copywriting Services: Scale Your Business Fast With Killer Copy

“The key to scaling any business is this — become an expert storyteller.”

— Robert Kanaat

A ninja moves through a crowd effortlessly. Hidden. Undetected. He paces his target. Following silently, he slips in and around people with ease. Gliding. Floating. His skill level? Unmatched. And as he locates his target, he grips the cold hard steel edge of his sword. Then, he strikes. His blade whistles through the air, warping time and space.

That picture I painted. The one of a ninja. What did you see in your mind? The goal of this little narrative was to help paint that picture. That’s the magic of copywriting. It can paint any picture in the minds of your prospects. And any copywriting service worth its salt knows just how to bring magic like this to light in the sales process.

I tell you this for one very important reason. Stories are the gateway to success in sales. And precisely how you shape that story is everything. Everything. So how do you build stories like this to actually sell? That’s precisely what we’ll uncover. The truth is that hard-hitting, drool worthy, killer copy can create a frenzy of sales unlike you’ve ever seen before. The trick is doing it the right way.

Some of the best copywriters in the world understand the core value of stories. And the importance of sharing stories to shift beliefs that result in a sale. It might all sound complex to you. But it’s not. We all have beliefs that stop us from buying things. Those beliefs are based on past experiences. But great copywriters understand how to shift your beliefs by replacing your old stories with new ones.

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How To Use Copywriting To Make A Fortune

Most people don’t understand the value of copywriting. And when it comes to hiring a copywriting service they look for the cheapest one they can find. Well, just like anything else in life, you get what you pay for. The truth is that a great copywriter is not cheap. And why would they be? A single piece of copy can take your existing conversions and exponentially scale them.

Think about what that’s worth for a moment. Let’s say you sell a width that costs $197. 100 people visit your sales page each day but only 3 people buy. So you make $591 for every 100 people that visit your site. But each click costs you $5. Meaning, you only profit $91. But what about the cost of your widgets? You get where this is going, right?

However, really good copywriting services can take your existing conversions and literally double, triple and even 10x them. On the conservative side, let’s just say you double conversions. Now you’re selling 6 widgets per day for every 100 people that visit your site. Now you’re making $1,182 and spending $500 for those 100 clicks.

That’s the magic of copywriting. The truth is that great copy is able to share stories and parables in a way that helps shift these beliefs. And once you understand the psychology behind this, you’ll understand why this is one of the most valuable skills on earth. If you can write great copy that sells, you will never go hungry a day in your life.

Identifying False Beliefs That Stop People From Buying

Any great copywriter understands that he or she must first know the avatar and their problems in detail. I’m not going to get into that in this piece. But I will summarize what I mean. Your avatar is your ideal customer. And that avatar has problems. Your product or service or information is the solution for one or more of their problems.

A great copywriter must first understand the avatar and their problems before they can start identifying false beliefs. The best copywriters will outline every problem a person has before and after they purchase your thing. This creates the basis for making more offers that are used in upsells, downsells and continuity (subscription) based services.

So what are these false beliefs that hold a prospect back from buying your thing? There are three core beliefs. Any great copywriting service will work to identify these false beliefs first, then craft stories that will help to shift these beliefs. This is so powerful that it literally hacks the mind. Almost like the movie Inception. Yes, it’s that effective.

Imagine, if you will, implanting a belief that shifts someone so quickly to want to buy your product. This person may not have wanted to buy the thing you’re selling just moments ago. But after consuming a story, their beliefs shifted. There’s no better way to describe this than making a reference to the movie Inception.

1 — Beliefs About The Product, Service, Or “Thing” You’re Selling

Every person has a belief associated with your product. Okay, maybe not your specific product. But they’ve had experiences with similar products or services or information. You get the picture, right? The point is that they harbor a belief about your product.

For example, let’s say it’s a course to make money online. It could be about real estate, affiliate marketing, web development, social media marketing, or any other method. The point is that they’ve likely tried something that didn’t work in the past. Now they harbor a belief that your product or service or information will not work as well.

This is not a conscious belief. But it is a belief. They might not think or say it off the bat. But this is the first line of defense. A great copywriter knows how to handle this through story. It works like this. You simply tell a story that shatters this belief. This can be done by replacing their old story with a new one.

For example, this story could go something like this:

I remember standing there. Hands sweating. Cold. Shivering. I was bundled up. Scarf. Gloves. Double-padded jacket. It was winter after all and that day, a fresh five inches of snow fell. It was eight at night and I was hungry. But I knew I couldn’t go home. I stood there, shivering, looking at the big blue door in front of me. The gleaming brass handle was ornate. Fitting for a mansion of this caliber.

What am I doing here? I asked myself. No one is going to buy this. No. I couldn’t let that voice ring inside my head. I just couldn’t do it. I had to ring that bell and try again. I just had to. Even though everything inside of me was screaming run away and go home, I took a deep breath in and rang the bell.

It was my 34th door of the night. 30 rejections deep. But four people said yes. And that’s what I held onto. I needed 6 more people to say yes and I’d have enough money to get through the next month. I promised myself I wouldn’t go home until I had ten sales. As the door swung open, I lit up. I transformed from the glum, cold, depressed and hungry man, into a joyful, happy, willing-to-do-anything-for-you neighborly neighbor.

Why are stories like this so important? The truth is that they relay so much. A simple story is so powerful and when you understand how to use it, you can transform your future and your family’s future. It really boils down to crafting these stories with intention.

2 — Internal Beliefs About Their Capabilities

Once someone believes that your product or service works, they next focus on their capabilities to make it work. They’ll say something like, sure wholesale real estate investing works because I can see people are out there making money with it. But I’m not sure it will work for me. I’m not sure I’m capable of doing that. I can’t cold call people or knock on doors to save my life.

This is where you insert a story that shifts their false beliefs by finding a story in your past that helps alter and implant a new belief. Very much like the movie, Inception. (If you haven’t seen that movie, by the way, you absolutely should go watch it immediately.) Very much like the door-knocking story I just shared with you, come with a story that shifts their beliefs.

When you do this, you need extreme details. Why did I share that it was winter and cold and that fresh snow had just blanketed the ground? Could you picture that scenario better? You likely had your own picture that came into your mind of shivering cold or not wanting to do something but knowing you had to do it.

3 — External Beliefs Factors Outside Their Control (Time, Money, Etc)

The final false belief revolves around external factors. These are often about time or money. Sure, your thing might work. And maybe I could pull it off. But how am I going to afford to advertise or find the time to do it with a full-time job? Can you see where this external factor might hold someone back from buying the thing you’re selling?

Keep in mind that this works in just about any high-ticket, direct-selling environment, one-to-many environment. This is not about phone sales. Phone sales are easy because you can isolate problems individually and crush each false belief right then and there. This forces you to think about a situation where you’re not present, on the phone or in person.

The best copywriting services in the world understand how to do this in a one-to-many selling environment. This is done through sales letters and landing pages, upsells, video sales letters, and more. Imagine what would happen when you can double or triple or 10x your conversions. Expert copywriting can do that for you.

How To Find Great Copywriters

So the question is, how do you get great at writing copy? Or should you even bother doing this on your own? Maybe you hire a copywriting service. Or, you take the plunge and hire a full-time copywriter on staff. Sure, there are options.

And as a seasoned copywriting veteran, I understand what it takes to craft great copy. And what I can tell you is that so many people try to complicate this. It’s not complicated. It’s simple. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy. For you to invest the time to get really good at copywriting is not worth it.

Your time is better spent at building your business and getting even better at delivering the thing that you’re already really good at delivering. But be prepared to invest your money because you do get what you pay for here.

Look, you can find a million people to create subpar copy for you. You can find them all over the internet. Again, you get what you pay for. You’re not looking for quantity here. You’re looking for quality. And quality does not come cheap.

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