BOSS Moves Book Review by Myron Golden

BOSS Moves Book Review: Business Optimization Success Secrets by Myron Golden

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Most people first entering into Myron Golden’s world come across his internationally best-selling book, B.O.S.S. Moves. BOSS is an acronym that stands for Business Optimization Success Secrets. And who better to teach you how to optimize your business than the King of Offers himself, Myron Golden?

But who is Myron Golden and why should you listen to him? I met Myron back in 2017 at Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle for Life Mastermind. That’s a mastermind where people pay $50,000 for valuable advice to grow their business.

If $50,000 sounds like a lot to pay for a mastermind, that’s currently on the low end. There are many masterminds that cost $100,000 to $250,000+ just to join. The beauty of these masterminds is that it helps you compress time. Keep in mind that time is our most valuable resource.

That’s one of the things that I love about B.O.S.S. Moves. The business optimization success secrets that Myron shares allow you to do just that — compress time in your business. If you’re struggling to scale your business, then this book is for you.

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Who Is Myron Golden?

Sure, BOSS Moves is a popular book that a lot of people hear about when they come across Myron Golden. But most people first experience Myron and his content on his YouTube channel. Myron posts prolifically on YouTube. Literally every single day. I think this adds to the draw he has on people.

In fact, most who join his Make More Offers Challenge say that they first devoured hours of his content on YouTube. But whether you found Myron on YouTube, or heard about him through his Bible Success Academy, or anywhere else, Myron is a legendary sales trainer and coach.

He is also a former pastor, preaching business based on the principles found in the Bible. So if you’re offended by religion or biblical principles, Myron probably isn’t the coach for you. But this is what drew me into Myron in the first place. And there are countless others who resonate with this as well.

One interesting fact is that B.O.S.S. Moves is the foundation for his Make More Offers Challenge. Meaning, he took the content from the book and turned it into the challenge. This challenge is responsible for so many success stories. Meaning, this book is an invaluable resource.

Business Mastery Secrets From A Million Dollar Roundtable

A quick backstory on how this book came about is as follows. ClickFunnels is a company created by Russell Brunson. It’s a software platform used to create sales funnels for businesses. They have an annual conference called Funnel Hacking Live. And in that conference they have breakout sessions at roundtables with people who’ve won 2 Comma Club (2CC) Awards.

To win a 2CC award, you need to generate at least $1 million per year through a single sales funnel. Myron won this award, and has gone on to win the 2 Comma Club X award. Meaning, he has generated over $10 million from a single sales funnel. That’s an impressive number to say the least. And at these roundtables, 2CC award winners talk about their best business advice.

BOSS Moves book is a result of that roundtable that Myron did in 2018 where he dished out some of his best advice for growing and scaling your business. For people who are struggling in business, this information is extremely vital. It helps you compress time and accelerate the growth of your business, whether you sell a service, a product or simply information.

BOSS Moves Book PDF

Many people who look for B.O.S.S. Moves are looking for a PDF of this book. The reason why you shouldn’t try to get a hold of the BOSS Moves Book PDF is first off there isn’t one. This book is not available on Amazon or any other platform that provides it in a reader format.

The second reason is that anyone who pays, pays attention. And the more you pay, the more attention you will likely pay to the wisdom in this book. Think about it this way. When you get something for free, how much do you value it? Very little, right?

So why try to get hold of the BOSS Moves Book in PDF format when you’re likely going to pay very little attention to it. This book is worth its weight in gold. And when you consider that Myron charges upwards of $40,000 per hour for a consultation, this book is well worth the price.

It also contains all of the information that he previously only shared with his high level masterminds and coaching clients. Myron currently charges $350,000 for what he calls a VIP day. And it’s the same information contained in this book.

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What Are The Four BOSS Moves?

There are four specific moves that Myron Golden talks about in BOSS Moves. Those 4 moves help to grow your business exponentially. In fact, in his Make More Offers Challenge, he refers to the same 4 moves helping to grow your business by at least 1280%. That’s a substantial amount of growth for any business at any level, right?

So what are the four BOSS Moves that you’ll learn in this book?

BOSS Move #1 — Lead Generation

The first BOSS Move is lead generation. The truth is that without leads, you don’t have a business. But generating leads is not easy. Most people try to generate leads the wrong way. Myron teaches you the right way to do this through a lead generation system.

To do this is, first identify your prospects problems and then provide a valuable piece of information that your prospect would gladly exchange their information for. Myron teaches that you have to lead people away from pain rather than towards pleasure to really get their attention.

Meaning, instead of saying something like “7 Steps to 7 Figures In Your Business” for a lead magnet, you should do “7 Biggest Mistakes That Destroy Your Chances of Generating 7 Figures In Your Business”. The difference here is that the second lead magnet is leading away from pain.

Why lead away from pain? Because people who don’t know you are less likely to trust you when you’re leading them towards pleasure. But people are far more likely to trust you when you’re leading them away from pain.

Lead generation is an art and a science. It requires an understanding of your prospect and also understanding the mechanics of marketing through lead funnels. But once you have the lead, you have to know what to do with that lead. This leads to Boss Move #2.

BOSS Move #2 — Lead Conversion

Myron teaches that once you have a lead, you need to provide them with valuable information upfront. Meaning, don’t try to sell them off the bat. You need to deliver sincere value to the lead if you’re serious about converting them into customers.

So what does this entail? Your lead should automatically receive at least 10 pieces of valuable email content from you on autopilot before they receive your first offer. Those emails should also be entertaining. If you bore them, you’ll lose their attention.

Now, there is definitely a way to do this right and a way to do it wrong. Especially when it comes to making all the automation work. For example, what email platform do you use? How do you automatically subscribe the person to an email sequence after they sign up?

All of these come down to the mechanics of integrating the right sales funnel software with the right email system. But more importantly, the underlying fundamentals here are vital. Getting the lead is one thing. Converting the lead is an entirely different thing. You have to become an expert at all these things to master business.

BOSS Move #3 — Customer Ascension

Once you’ve successfully converted a lead into a customer, the next BOSS Move is customer ascension. How do you ascend a customer into paying more money? There’s a specific way to do this. By ascending customers, it means that you’re selling them higher value offers.

To sell higher value offers, you have to solve other problems for your customer. You have to think about your customer’s problems laterally. What other problems pop up after you solve the existing problem for them? You have to think about this in great detail and then provide different products or services.

This could also be another level in your business such as paying for direct access to you, an event, a program, and so on. It could also be solving the same problem, but in a different format. For example, the BOSS Moves book is another format of the Make More Offers Challenge. The content is the same, but the delivery method is different.

The beauty of this book is that it will help you dig deeper to uncover potential strategies and tactics for generating more revenue, even from your existing customers. And it will give you the confidence you need to make more offers on a consistent basis.

BOSS Move #4 — Customer Retention

The fourth and final BOSS Move is customer retention. How can you keep your customers for a longer period and not let them disappear into thin air? Unless you have something else to sell them, it’s hard to keep customers around.

One thing Myron talks heavily about are continuity programs. That means the customer sticks around, paying you month after month. So, not only do you get the larger one-time upfront fees that you can charge a customer, but you also get the recurring revenue.

Recurring revenue is the lifeblood of a business and if you don’t have a continuity program, BOSS Moves will help you determine one you can create. Continuity can come in lots of different forms. It can be a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform, a newsletter, a product replenishment subscription, coaching service, and so on.

Thinking about this in detail will help you retain your customers for longer. That’s the beauty of BOSS Moves and how Myron breaks down how to implement these with great precision. So if you’re struggling to grow your business, you absolutely have to read this book.

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