Legendary Marketer Review 2024: Is David Sharpe Legit Or Is This A Scam?

“I love those who can smile in trouble, who can gather strength from distress, and grow brave by reflection. ‘Tis the business of little minds to shrink, but they whose heart is firm, and whose conscience approves their conduct, will pursue their principles unto death.” — Leonardo da Vinci

Want to find out about Legendary Marketer and see if it’s a real company? Trying to figure out if David Sharpe is legit or if Legendary Marketer is just some scam? Well, it’s 2024 and a lot has changed with Legendary Marketer. So, let’s just say that you’ve come to the right place. 

In this review, I’ll dish out all the details on this company and its founder.

But first. In order to do that. I wanted to tell you guys a story. Years ago, I had a friend who joined a company called Empower Network. It was a multi-level marketing (MLM) company. And, at the time, I knew almost nothing about internet marketing. The company was run by two highly charismatic internet marketers: David Wood and David Sharpe. The two Daves, if you will.

My friend, who made almost no money in Empower Network, showed me some of the videos. They were engaging and educational. And I certainly got some value over the short bits that I did watch. The thing was that I really connected with the story of David Sharpe. Not so much with the other Dave. But I felt like Sharpe was pretty legit.

This was probably circa 2011 or so. Empower Network was huge. But years later, the company crashed and burned. Not too surprising when you think about the amount of money they were making and how they effectively knew nothing about managing a big business.

Fast forward several years, and I still remembered Empower Network. One day, I see this YouTube video ad. It was for Duplicate Dave. I click on it and see a guy with a scruffy beard who looked almost nothing like the old Dave I remembered.

But it was the same guy. Riding around in a Range Rover and talking about all the fat cats and big corporations who are lining their pockets with money while the rest of the world struggles in this constant 9-to-5 rat race.

How I Met David Sharpe

Before I tell you more about whether or not I think Legendary Marketer is a legit business or whether it’s just a scam, let me tell you a little back story on how I came to meet David Sharpe. The genesis of this story started at some point after I walked away from a substantial business after a dispute with my business partner.

After spending 3 years crafting a platform and a business that was already generating in the 7 figures in sales, I was distraught. I felt like a failure all over again. I had poured my heart and my soul and thousands of hours of my time and tens of thousands of dollars of my own money into that business. And it was gone.

However, unlike most folks, I didn’t wallow in that despair for too long. I figured that what was done was done. And that God had a bigger meaning and a bigger purpose for me. So I moved on. I picked myself back up again, brushed off the dust, and pushed forward.

As a contributor to Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine, along with other big media publications, I did one thing that I could think of after something so cataclysmic happened. I reached out to the top online marketing and business people in the world that i could think about to learn and tell their stories.

I’m not sure why David Sharpe’s name popped into my head at the time, but it did. He was the first person I contacted after my business collapsed. The funny thing was that he was on vacation when he reached back out to me. And we spent a good deal of time on the phone talking.

I probably caught him off guard. Here was this guy out of the blue wanting to write an article about him in Forbes. I didn’t explain the entire evolution of how I came about to know about him but I did allude to the whole Empower Network thing. Sharpe had walked away from Empower Network and cashed out at the right time. In fact, he took the high road with that situation. Just like I did with my situation.

To me, Sharpe was a kindred spirit. I realized that on that brief phone call. And I wanted to do something to help him. And at the same time, learn the so-called secrets of a master online marketer. In short, I wanted to add value. It’s funny that I turned to doing this rather than anything else.

The truth is that I had allowed my ex-business partner to do all the networking. I had allowed him to interface with all of our clients and be the face of the business while I worked steadily in the background building and developing and engineering a fully-automated cloud-based solution that blew every competitor out of the water.

The funny thing is that this dispute with my ex-business partner turned out to be a massive blessing in disguise. I won’t delve into that right now, but because of it, I met people like David Sharpe and many others. People who I reached out to in an effort to learn how to improve my own skill set of marketing and making money online.

And that’s precisely how I’ve arrived at this review of Legendary Marketer and David Sharpe. After writing an article about Sharpe in Forbes, which you can see here, we began speaking and became friends. I learned his journey and he learned mine. We connected on a deeper level and knew that we would work on a project together, we just didn’t know what.

What is Legendary Marketer?

Legendary Marketer is a one-level affiliate program. People earn affiliate commissions by getting others to sign up. Sharpe’s Legendary Marketer pays out roughly 55% to 60% on all sales. Across the board. Their products range anywhere from $30 per month for the Legendary Marketer Club to upwards of $25,000 for the high-ticket items.

Sharpe is definitely a veteran in this industry. Take it from me, I know him personally. He’s been at this for over 9 years now and he’s one of the most savvy online marketers out there. The best part about Legendary Marketer? You get to learn while you earn. Sharpe has created a platform for understanding the online marketing industry while also earning an income.

Whether you’re brand new to internet marketing, or you’ve been at this for a long time with a sizable list, Legendary Marketer gives you the tools you need to earn money. Now, whether or not you actually make any money boils down to how much work you put in. Not everyone makes money and don’t forget that nothing in life is guaranteed.

Legendary Marketer Products

If you’re looking to build a business online, Legendary Marketer provides you with the resources, tools and training to get started.

  • Legendary Marketer Club – Everything you need to learn how to grow and scale a business online using digital marketing. You’ll learn about things like Facebook ads, how to generate leads and track sales, how to use platforms like YouTube and Instagram to grow your business online, and much more.
  • Legendary Builder Masterclass – There are four parts to the Legendary Builder Masterclass. This comprehensive program covers the nuts and bolts of building an online business from start to finish. This includes the fundamental aspects of telling your backstory and how you can improve your presentation and leadership skills to generate more leads and close more sales.
  • Legendary Leader Masterclass – The Legendary Leader Masterclass is all about brand presence in your marketplace. Of course, this program teaches you how to become a leader. How to grow and scale your business from a startup to making over 7 figures and beyond. You’ll also discover a vault with coveted talks and exclusive interviews with some of the most successful online business owners and marketing leaders in the world.

How It Works

Once you sign up to Legendary Marketer (click here to get started), you’ll go through 15 core steps. These core steps help to educate you on the process of building your business through Legendary Marketer. David Sharpe has expertly crafted these videos to deliver an enormous value punch.

You’re also assigned a coach, who helps you to unlock the rest of your core steps after you’ve gone through the first 5. Your coach is also your point of contact who helps you to navigate the murky waters of building your own online business. This is one of the unique features of Legendary Marketer. It’s also what makes it so great.

In the ‘My Business’ tab in your account, you’ll be able to access the links and sales funnels you can use to promote your business. You can also add tags to your links so that you can track where the marketing leads and sales are coming from. This gives you real-time access and transparency into the entire process.

Now, what some people might find challenging at the outset is getting traffic. Traffic, of course, is the lifeblood of any business. Without it, there’s simply no business there at all. In fact, most companies suffer because of their inability to drive traffic (both online and offline).

Remember, there’s going to be a learning curve here. However, you can’t expect to make any money without putting in the time to learn and grow. Just realize what it costs to launch and build a regular brick-and-mortar business. It’s expensive. And you have to understand things like taxes, sales, marketing, employee management, and so on.

However, there really is no hype with Legendary Marketer. And I can confidently say that this is a great company and that David Sharpe is a great human being that I’m proud to call my friend.

Update On Legendary Marketer

The above article was written a long time ago. There are no affiliate links here directing you to join, so this is my simple opinion. The education Legendary Marketer provides is valuable.

If you want to learn how to grow a business today, then you should check out this challenge. It’s 5 days live working on business growth and the mechanics of leads, sales and conversions. It’s hosted by Myron Golden who is the King of Offers.

I wish you the best of luck on your affiliate marketing journey!