6ix9ine History & Net Worth

6ix9ine: History & Net Worth

6ix9ine’s Net Worth: $2.3 Million

Daniel Hernandez is the New York-born rapper known as 6ix9ine. His name is pronounced “Six Nine” and some call him Tekashi 69. His legal troubles have seen him in and out of prison. And his public feuds over money have plastered his name all over the media. The question is what’s his real net worth?

6ix9ine is no stranger to public disputes. His colorful personality is complimented by his face and body tattoos, multi-colored hair, and outlandish diamond-encrusted jewelry. Some would call 6ix9ine a master of publicity. But who is Danny “Six Nine” Hernandez really?

6ix9ine’s publicity stunts have swelled his notoriety. But his ongoing feuds and legal issues make him one of the most controversial figures in the rap game. With such a large following on social media, many wonder just how much money 6ix9ine is making and what he’s worth.

Where Did 6ix9ine Grow Up?

6ix9ine was born in Brooklyn, New York on May 8th, 1996. His father, Daniel Hernandez Sr. is of Puerto Rican descent. His mother, Natividad Perez-Hernandez arrived in the United States from Mexico in 1988 in search of a better life. 6ix9ine’s older brother, Oscar Osiris was born on August 25, 1994.

The pair attended church regularly as children and one of 6ix9ine’s favorite passages was always Psalm 121, which he often read during mass. Psalm 121 is a beautiful passage from the Bible and begins with “I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.”

The passage is about protection and help from the Lord. It’s protection from all evil and the preservation of the soul. This likely stems from the strong faith his mother always had in God and instilled in 6ix9ine growing up.

6ix9ine had a tough upbringing. He didn’t know he had a father until he was 9-years old. His mother always said his dad was dead. But the truth was that his father was in and out of prison for selling drugs and battled a fierce heroin addiction for many years.

6ix9ine’s stepfather was shot and killed moments away from the home in 2010, sending his family into turmoil. His mother struggled to support her two children and was later hospitalized for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

After the murder of his stepfather, 6ix9ine was thrown into a downward spiral. Unable to handle all the stress and anxiety at home, he turned to violence and was expelled in 8th grade. Rather than try to go back to school, 6ix9ine picked up odd jobs to help his mother out financially.

When Did 6ix9ine’s Music Career Start?

Shortly after he started his side hustles, 6ix9ine met a man in 2012 who would change the course of his life. Peter “Righteous P” Rodgers was the head of a record label in New York called, Hikari-Ultra. He was working in a bodega at the time. And Rodgers told 6ix9ine that he had the look and swagger of a rapper.

That simple conversation changed everything. 6ix9ine started seeing himself as a rapper. And it was only years after that, in 2014, that he started releasing his music. He released single after single and was known for a rough and rugged style of rapping. This gave 6ix9ine an outlet for his anger and pain.

6ix9ine’s music career didn’t take off until 2017 when he released his first commercial single, Gummo that went on to hit number 12 on the Billboard 100. It went platinum several months later. He followed that up with several other hit releases over the next few months.

However, in late 2018, 6ix9ine was thrown in jail for allegedly being part of a Bloods gang called the Nine Trey Gangsters. He was arrested on federal RICO charges, attempted murder, and gun-related charges. He pled guilty to 9 charges and was about to be sentenced when he made a plea deal.

In exchange for his testimony against fellow gang members, he was released in 2020. Instead of spending decades behind bars, 6ix9ine was able to get out and continue working on his music career. This was a pivotal moment in his life.

What Songs Did 6ix9ine Release?

After his release of Gummo in 2017, which went platinum, 6ix9ine released several other rap songs. His aggressive rap style and multi-colored braided hair made him extremely popular on social media. Over the years, his notoriety and fame rose dramatically.

  • 2014 — 69
  • 2014 — Pimpin
  • 2014 — 4769
  • 2015 — ScumLife
  • 2015 — Shinigami
  • 2015 — Inferno
  • 2016 — Yokai
  • 2016 — Hellsing Station
  • 2016 — Sinaloa
  • 2017 — Exodia
  • 2017 — Jaguare
  • 2017 — Zelta Zero 0.5
  • 2017 — Gummo
  • 2017 — Kooda
  • 2018 — Keke
  • 2018 — Billy
  • 2018 — Gotti
  • 2018 — Tati
  • 2018 — Fefe
  • 2018 — Bebe
  • 2018 — International Gangstas
  • 2018 — Aulos Reloaded
  • 2018 — Stoopid
  • 2020 — Gooba
  • 2020 — Trollz
  • 2020 — Yaya
  • 2020 — Punani
  • 2020 — Tutu
  • 2021 — Zaza
  • 2022 — Gine

Where Is Tekashi69 From?

Daniel “Tekashi69” Hernandez is part Mexican and part Puerto Rican. 6ix9ine’s mother is from Mexico and came to the United States in 1988, about 8 years before he was born. His father is from Puerto Rico. Until he was about 9 years old, 6ix9ine didn’t know he had a real father. He only found out after his stepfather was murdered near his house. His stepfather was also Puerto Rican.

During his trial in 2019, 6ix9ine’s biological father showed up in court after not seeing his son for 11 years. He tried hard to get 6ix9ine’s attention during the hearing. Once 6ix9ine realized his father was there in the courtroom, It was overwhelming. The emotions were too much for him to handle and he burst out crying in the courtroom.

SteveWillDoIt Friendship

SteveWillDoIt is a popular former YouTuber who rose to fame thanks to the help of Kyle Forgeard of the Nelk Boys. SteveWillDoIt once paid 6ix9ine $250,000 and flew him out to Mexico to hang out together. The two became close friends and were seen in several videos and podcast episodes together. However, the relationship quickly went south after a deal with Rumble went south.

However, SteveWillDoIt certainly made 6ix9ine a more relatable character. You never know what people are struggling with in life. And the truth is that it’s easy to judge individuals based on what you see or hear on social media. But that’s usually far from the truth. Especially when you can’t see the entire picture of what a person went through in their life.

What Is 6ix9ine’s Net Worth?

6ix9ine comes from humble beginnings. For much of his life, he was poor. Without a real father, he also had very little direction. The truth is that his mother tried hard to keep the family afloat financially. She worked night and day just to support her kids. Although this is a common story with most immigrant families, 6ix9ine’s gift changed the outcome of his life.

Sure, 6ix9ine could have been a nobody. He was just another obscure immigrant child after all, right? But that meeting in 2012 with Righteous P changed the direction of his life. There’s no doubt that 6ix9ine has made a lot of money in his brief career. But he’s also been involved in a lot of controversy. Most recently, he was sued by a stripper who alleges that 6ix9ine assaulted her at a strip club in 2021.

That lawsuit went unanswered for two years. And because it was unanswered, a default judgement was placed on 6ix9ine to auction off and seize his assets. That could spell trouble for 6ix9ine if the order is upheld. But this story is still unraveling so it’s not clear what will happen. What is clear is that it will certainly impact 6ix9ine’s net worth in one way or another.