What Is Legendary Marketer?

I recently answered a question on Quora that asked, “What is Legendary Marketing?” However, the question was incorrectly worded. What the user meant to ask was, “What is Legendary Marketer?” I clarified that in my answer. But it really got me thinking. Since so many people are wondering what this Legendary Marketer system is all about, I figured I’d write a quick post to educate you guys on the meaning and purpose behind this company, its founder and its mission.

You see, Legendary marketer is a company founded by none other than, David Sharpe. I know Sharpe personally. I’ve written about his journey in Forbes and in Entrepreneur Magazine. If you’re not in-the-know, here’s the scoop. Sharpe was the co-founder of Empower Network, a company that did over $170 million in sales. Pretty mind-boggling right? At such a young age, Sharpe was a multi-millionaire many times over.

But it wasn’t all roses for him. Before starting up Legendary Marketer, and way before Empower Network was ever a glimmer in his eye, he struggled in life. Addicted to drugs, he battled heroin for years. At the age of just 17-years old, he fathered a child. It wasn’t until later that he got clean. Then, a construction job gave him some footing. But he was tired of struggling. Living paycheck to paycheck wasn’t what he had in mind for the rest of his life.

Somehow, one way or another, he found his way into the world of online marketing. In fact, if you ask Sharpe what Legendary Marketer is today, he’ll tell you it has its roots in those early days. It was a hard knock education. He had to learn everything there was about marketing online. But he kept at it. He met a guy named David Wood, and Empower Network was born. The company was a behemoth of over 150,000 affiliates with events that rivaled rock concerts.

Fast forward some years, and Sharpe and his ex-business partner had a falling out. Sharpe walked away. He was bought out. His ex-partner went on to run the business, and ran it straight into the ground. However, Sharpe learned a heck of a lot from that situation. He walked away from Empower Network, not as a failure, but as someone who learned and grew and became one of the world’s best marketers.

I recently wrote a review about Legendary Marketer. If you haven’t read it, I’d suggest checking it out. Because, if you have questions about what Legendary Marketer is, that will likely answer most of them. However, I’m going to give you the skinny and break it down for you here. It isn’t complicated or convoluted. It’s straightforward and simple. What Legendary Marketer is not is an MLM. That’s one thing Sharpe wanted to stay away from, and for good reason.

Legendary Marketer in a Nutshell

The concept is simple. Legendary Marketer is a one-level affiliate program. Not an MLM. Multi-level marketing companies are dicey. They often skirt the line of the law. And they usually get shutdown. If you’re not aware of the recent Digital Altitude debacle, then you might not be aware that one of the largest MLMs in the industry just got completely shutdown and wiped out. The entire business, its assets and its founders are now knee-deep in issues.

While I won’t comment on what Digital Altitude was likely doing, you can read all about it in the complaint filed by the FTC. It isn’t pretty. My point? MLMs are bad news. Stay away from MLMs. But I also bring up MLMs because Empower Network was an MLM. Who do MLMs serve? Often, only the people who get in at the very top. They make the most money because all accounts are affiliated to them at the end of the day.

A one-level affiliate program means that you’ll only earn commissions from the affiliate that you refer and whatever it is that they purchase. That’s it. You won’t get their members or their members’ commissions. Again, Legendary Marketer is not an MLM. However, it’s much more than just a one-level affiliate system. It’s a full-on training platform that allows you to earn an income while you learn about online marketing.

What do I mean by training platform? The system is literally designed to help the average person learn about internet marketing. It’s also designed to help you earn an income. But, remember, nothing in life is guaranteed. Don’t expect to get rich quickly through the Legendary Marketer system. However, if you put in the time, you’ll eventually see results. I say that because most people think that it’s easy to make money online. It’s not. Unless you have an audience or a following, it’s hard work.

Believer me. I should know. I’ve been at this for some time now. However, I will say this. If you’re really wondering about the Legendary Marketer system, and whether or not the whole thing is legit, wonder no longer. I can tell you firsthand that this system is revolutionary. All you need to do is checkout the private Facebook Group to see the things that people are saying about Legendary Marketer and you’ll likely be blown away. So you definitely don’t have to take my word for it.

How It Works

The Legendary Marketer system is relatively simple and straightforward. Whether you’re just starting out in the whole online money making thing, or you’re a seasoned veteran, Sharpe’s taken the time to build a system with an effective sales funnel. What does that mean? If you don’t know what a sales funnel is, it’s simply an automated system that turns prospects into leads and into buyers. I know. I know. It’s really not that simple. But the concept is understandable.

I’m not about to get into what sales funnels are right now. Not in this post at least. If you want to learn more about how funnels work, check out the book, Dot Com Secrets by Russell Brunson. Funnels, although simple sounding, are rather sophisticated. They’re filled with triggers and email sequences and one-time offers and up-sells and down-sells and so on. And creating a funnel takes a lot of work unless you have software like ClickFunnels. Even then, it’s still some serious effort.

However, once you sign up to Legendary Marketer, you’re given access to what they call their back office system. That’s where you’ll login and get all the information you need to get started promoting Legendary Marketer. The reason why some people might find this difficult is because promoting it means driving traffic. And that means spending money on ads. Unless you have an influx of traffic from a highly popular blog or you’re a social media influencer, be prepared to invest into your business.

Collecting Commissions

The Legendary Marketer system pays out between 40% to 60% commissions. The front-end products, such as the Legendary Marketer Club pays out 60% in commissions. The high-ticket products like the Builder Masterclass and the Leader Masterclass pay out 40%. The reason why it’s lower is because there are sales people who are closing the sales for you, so they get the extra 20% that you would have made.

But the best part here is that you don’t need to ever pick up the phone and close a sale. The sales team does that for you. So there’s really nothing to do aside from promote the products. For example, there’s a Builder Masterclass that costs $2,500 and your commission on that is $1,000. You don’t even need to close that sale at all. It’s done for you. No, that doesn’t mean that this is easy. It’s not at all. You need to drive traffic. And not just any traffic. We’re talking about quality traffic.

However, once you find a good system that works, you just let the 45-day email sequence do it’s job. Yes, that’s part of the sales funnel that’s been built. Remember, a sales funnel is an automated system that sells for you. It gets those leads to join the Legendary Marketer Club. From that, you’ll collect a recurring $18 commission (60%).

Legendary Marketer Club

When you first join Legendary Marketer, you join something called the Legendary Marketer Club. The cost is $30 per month. Every member has to join the club. That’s where your core training is done. That’s also where you’ll gain access to your personal coach. And, this is where you’ll go through the 15 core steps. Sound confusing? It’s really not. It’s pretty straightforward, in fact. Here’s a breakdown of how this works.

  1. Sign up to Legendary Marketer
  2. Login to the back office system
  3. Setup your global e-wallet for payments
  4. Setup Sendmail email system with the API
  5. Go through the first 5 core steps
  6. Schedule a call with your coach
  7. Go through the next 10 core steps
  8. Consider setting up a custom email sequence
  9. Grab your affiliate links from the back office
  10. Start promoting the Legendary Marketer system

1. Sign up to Legendary Marketer

Want to really know what Legendary Marketer is? Just sign up. That’s obviously the first step. It can’t get any easier than that. That simply means watching one of the videos from an affiliate and signing up.

You’ll pay the $30 fee, which is monthly and it’s recurring, and you’ll gain access to all the tools and the education that’s part of the Legendary Marketer Club. The affiliate that you sign up under gets a recurring commission of $18 and you get to re-sell the Legendary Marketer Club to others. However, when you sell it, the affiliate you signed up under no longer makes a commission but does make a commission from other products you sign up to.

2. Login to the back office system

The back office system is where all the magic happens. That’s where you’ll find all the tools and resources you need to start learning and earning. Now, you might not earn much in the very beginning. But you will learn a heck of a lot of great gold-nugget filled advice about internet marketing from seasoned pros.

3. Setup your global e-wallet for payment

In order to get paid, you need to setup your global e-wallet to receive payments from Legendary Marketer. Doing this is simple. Just go to the setup section of your back office. From there, click on the sub-menu on the left-hand side of the screen that says payments. Next, watch the video and click the link to set everything up to the right of the video.

4. Setup SendMail email system with the API

Now, you can use your own email platform. However, if you’re just starting out, your best bet is to use the SendMail API. That will integrate all the email sequences in automatically for you. It’ll also give you a chance to build your list. Later on, you can switch things to your own email system. However, this is the fastest way to get yourself up and running at the outset.

5. Go through the first 5 core steps

When people ask what Legendary Marketer is, and you hear that it’s a system that allows you to earn while you learn, there’s no understatement in that. You really are learning. In the first 5 core steps, you’re understanding a wide variety of skills it takes to move you forward with your online business. Remember, this is a long-term business. Don’t look at it like some opportunity to make a fast buck. This gives you the foundation you need to propel forward. You can find the core steps when you click the My Products tab at the top of the back office and then the Core Steps on the sub-menu beneath that.

6. Schedule a call with your coach

After you’ve gone through the first 5 core steps, you won’t be able to go further until you schedule a call with your coach. In order to do that, after you click on My Products button at the top menu, you’ll see it in the lower-left-hand corner of the screen under Legendary Marketer Support. There, you’ll see a button that says Schedule a Coaching Call.

7. Go through next 10 core steps

Once you’ve had your coaching call, your coach will unlock the next 10 core steps for you. Your job is to go through those with a fine-tooth comb. Don’t skim. Immerse yourself. Remember, this is an opportunity to learn from a legendary marketer like David Sharpe. Don’t short-change yourself just because you’re looking to get off the ground quicker. It’ll just backfire.

8. Consider setting up a custom email sequence

Once you’ve truly educated yourself on the system, Sharpe recommends that you setup your own 45-day email sequence by using his as “inspiration.” The problem he had was that everyone was copying his email sequence, which looked like spam. That’s not what you should do at all. But you should relate your own journey. It might seem hard in the beginning, but it’s an important step in the process.

9. Grab your affiliate links from the back office

Your next step is to grab your affiliate links from the back office. That’s how you start promoting the Legendary Marketer system. You effectively direct traffic to your links through a variety of ways. Now, I’m not going to detail traffic strategies in this post. I’ll save that for later. But if you want to learn how to drive traffic, check out my post about SEO here.

10. Start promoting Legendary Marketer

Last, but not least, is to start promoting Legendary Marketer. However, be careful not to spam these links. That’s not what you should do. You need to find a way to add value as you promote Legendary Marketer. That’s what this system is all about. It’s about value. Not about cutting corners or taking shortcuts. This is a real business, so treat it like one.