Thoughts Of The Day [Day 6]

Many years ago, two celibate monks were heading towards their monastery on a long journey. Their vow of celibacy meant that, not only could they not sleep with women, but they were forbidden to touch or even look at another woman. However, during this journey towards their monastery, they came to a flooded river crossing with raging waters on one end and a shallow section where they decided to cross.

When they reached the shallow river bank, they noticed a woman there who was crying. She was so petrified of the water that she was paralyzed with fear, unable to cross on her own. The older monk, without even hesitation, picked up the woman and carried her across on his shoulders. On the other side of the river bank, he set her down and they went their separate ways.

The woman thanked the monk profusely. And her tears of fear and turned to tears of joy. The older monk simply nodded his head as he walked away. The younger monk, who looked back in disdain, shook his head as he pressed forward. He bit his tongue as they pressed forward for many hours until just before reaching the monastery.

Steps from the monastery, the younger monk began to scold and berate the older monk.

“How could you carry that woman across the river bank? How could you even dare do something like that? You carried that woman knowing all too well we aren’t even allowed to look at women let alone touch them.”

“What woman?” asked the older monk as he ascended the steps towards the monastery. 

“You know exactly what woman I’m talking about!” he exclaimed. “The woman who you carried across the river bank!” The younger monk had stopped climbing the stairs and was yelling up towards the older monk as he continued towards the stone archway that led to the entrance.

The older monk paused briefly as he ascended the weathered stone staircase, briefly looked back at the younger monk and said, “I carried that woman across the river bank many hours ago. Why do you continue to carry her?” 

The younger monk stopped harping as he thought about what the older monk had just said. When he looked back up, with a loss for words, the older monk had already disappeared out of sight.


The Moral Of The Story

How many of us, still to this day, continue to carry around the pain and anguish and hurt from years past? Do you know what that does to you? Those negative emotions swirl around and around in your mind. They entrench you in a sea of negative emotions. You might not think that right now. But it does. I can tell you firsthand that it does.

Here’s the thing about this. If you carry things around with you, and never let them go, not only are you limiting your potential for growth, but you’re shackling yourself to hatred and fear and all the other negative emotions that surround them. So let it go. What’s stopping you from releasing that out into the universe?

I know. I know. But it was really bad. It was an awful situation. So much pain. So much defeat. So much anger as a result. But how much is going to change if you continue to dwell on it? I’m not saying this to make you feel bad. Quite the opposite actually. I’m saying this to help you feel better.

Releasing negative emotions is something that you have to do if you want to move on. Not only emotionally. I’m also talking mentally, spiritually, financially and so on. Just let it go. Give it to God or Allah or Buddha or the universe that binds us all. We are so temporary on this earth in these bodies that it doesn’t make sense to dwell.

The truth is that your life could end tomorrow. It could end today. And what does that do to serve you having carried all that emotional baggage around with you for all that time? The weight that puts on your shoulders is just enormous. You don’t think it is right now. But it is. And it’s inhibiting your potential. Your potential to be happy and free and to just live and be present in this world.

You can’t let other people or situations stop you from being happy. No, happiness doesn’t come from money. Believe me, when you have money, you want more. It’s never really something that leaves you sated. Happiness comes from within. From accepting yourself. From loving yourself. From allowing yourself to be you. To be transparent. To be open.

Who cares what other people think? Everyone will always find something to talk about. You’re better than they are. You don’t stoop to their level. You don’t fight dirty. You release that energy. In it’s place, you harbor love. You harbor goodness and kindness. Because, that’s what you are. Good and kind and giving and loving. You just have to allow yourself to feel it. To embrace it.

You know, I read this book not too long ago by Kamal Ravikant, who I get to call a good friend. It’s called Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends On It. Not only was this an incredible book by an incredible human being, but it’s helped so many people out there. But that book was born from so much pain. Ravikant went to hell and back on an emotional rollercoaster.

However, what most of us don’t realize is that from great pain comes incredible situations and the opportunity to give to others and to help them see things clearer and brighter. It’s painful walking through it. But don’t carry it for years and years. Let it go. Release it. In its place, harbor love and forgiveness and kindness and all those good things.

No, this isn’t the idealist in me speaking. I’m speaking from experience. Hatred will get you nowhere. Resent and guilt and revenge won’t help. They might feel like they do at the moment. But they never do. The emotions will pass eventually if you allow them to. If you don’t allow them to, they’ll stay with you forever and ever. That’s not worth. Not at all.


Impact & Income

I think that everyone has competing views on life and business and everything else. Some people make you feel sorry for making lots of money, guilt tripping you every step of the way. While others help you to embrace it and share it with others. While I think that everything is subjective, it’s certainly not bad to make money. But more importantly, you have to have an impact.

You see, I talk about carrying things from the past, because it really does hold you back from living the life you’ve always dreamed of. No, I’m not only talking about making money. I’m talking about health and finances and relationships and everything else. If you carry negative emotions you can’t embrace your full potential. That’s the truth.

So, in my eyes, you have to find something bigger than you. A cause you can serve. Something out there that needs your attention. As you release the past, embrace the present by making an impact in this world. You’re only here for a short period. You don’t have much time. Make it all count. Make an impact in some way, shape or form.

As I prepare for my trip to San Francisco, I’ve been thinking a lot about these things. I hope that you do too. I hope that this helps you in some way. I hope that you embrace the present and let go of things in the past so that you can focus all your energy on making a real impact. Keep in mind that the more people you can help, the more money you can make.

Don’t think about making money as some game or a race. It’s about adding value. If you add lots of value and help lots of people, you will change the quality of your life right down to every last little detail. But you have to shift your focus. Move away from resentment and guilt and animosity and embrace love and forgiveness and a general sense of positivity.

That’s what it takes to move forward.