Thoughts Of The Day [Day 11]

My mind is spinning ever since Inner Circle for Life Mastermind. Thanks to Russell Brunson, I had the chance to hang with some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs throughout the week in Boise, Idaho. Being in a room like that is electric. You can just feel the energy. There’s this massive desire to share and contribute and help one another. Where one person is weak another might be strong.

With such an eclectic group of people at all levels in business, there truly is the chance to make rapid leaps forward. I love being in that space and immersed in that mindset. It’s just so inspiring. The people, the culture, the opportunities. Everything. The crazy thing is that this is all steeped in energy. Vibrational energy. We all vibrate at a particular frequency, and we’re drawn to those who vibrate on similar frequencies. In other words, like attracts like.

Everyone in that room is on a similar frequency. They’re all trying to change the world and do good. They’re the smartest, coolest and most giving people on the planet. There is so veracity to that. To be blunt, there’s just nothing like attending a high-level mastermind like that when you’re trying to fuel the growth of your business. There just isn’t. Imagine all these brilliant minds coming together, all with the purpose of sharing and helping one another.

That’s the power of masterminds. They’re like springboards. You get to leap forward using the collective mind. Everyone works together to provide their advice and feedback. It’s like a guiding light. But, of all the masterminds I’ve been to, even those that are double and triple the price of Russell Brunson’s Inner Circle for Life Mastermind, never have I seen a culture like this. And it got me wondering why that is.

The only thing that I could come up with is that Russell is so generous and kind and giving that it acts like a trickle-down effect. That’s the power of energy attracting similar energy. Because, at the end of the day, we’re just bundles of energy held together by a variety of different forces. That’s it. You. Me. Everyone else. We’re just energy. We don’t realize it in the moment when we’re grappling with a slew of emotions. But that’s what we are.

Of course, we’re also drawn to people we aspire to be like; people who vibrate at similar frequencies. That’s likely what drew me to Russell. That might also be why I’ve done a dozen or so big media articles where I’ve either featured him or included him in some way, shape or form. Because I see some part of me in him. Again, it’s a vibrational frequency. You can’t fake genuineness. You just can’t. We can sniff it out from a mile away.


Why Networking Matters

Whether it’s a live event or a mastermind or some other form of networking event, you have to get out there. The truth is that it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. Yes, what you know matters. Most of us have lots of knowledge and ideas but no clue how to put that into play. That’s where other people and teams come into the mix. You can’t expect to build everything on your own. It just doesn’t work that way.

The collective mind is greater than the single mind. I know that in the past, I’ve tried to do things on my own. Instead of outsourcing, I’ve taken the burden to even do the menial tasks. That doesn’t push me forward. In fact, that keeps me behind. But this isn’t just about outsourcing. This is about knowing the right people who you can collaborate with to exponentiate your results to the greatest degree.

That’s why networking is crucial. A step up from networking are live events. And a step up from live events are masterminds. Now, masterminds are not cheap. If you can afford to attend them, do it. If you can’t, then find a way to eventually get there. It’s going to give you the biggest leap forward that you could possibly have. Hands down, this is the best investment in yourself that you can possibly make.

I once heard someone say that they could either work their way up for 10 years and get a chance to be in the same room with these people, or they could just buy their way in. If you have the cash lying around somewhere, then go buy your way in. That’s the quickest and surest way you can get in a room with people at the highest level. It’s also the place where you’ll form some of the deepest bonds you can form in business and in life.


Good Things Take Time

All good things take time. Whether that’s networking or masterminding or building a business. However, it ceases to amaze me just how many people think that results will be instantaneous. They just won’t. It takes discipline and persistence to push through during those difficult times when you just feel like giving up. That’s the hardest part for most people. It’s during that time of great pain where true growth actually occurs. Unfortunately, that’s also when most of us toss in the towel.

But it’s easy to give up. Everyone knows that. Why push through that pain when you can just take the easy way out? Maybe that’s why there’s such an epidemic in this country. We’re overweight and in debt and up to our eyeballs in bad habits. 70% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and for what reason? Well, maybe a combination of many reasons. But I’ll give you the primary culprit. We don’t have the discipline and persistence to see our dreams through to the end.

We’re creatures of habit and we immerse ourselves in time-wasters, things that don’t add any value to our lives and drain the time away quickly. Things like binge watching television series or being obsessed with sports or drinking with your friends, and so on. It’s hard to pay attention to the activities that will move the needle when we spend so much time away from our work. When you look at it that way, it’s easy to see why we fail to make much progress.

So if you’re serious about succeeding at something, you have to immerse yourself. Forget everything else. If you’re in a position like I was in, years and years ago, where you’ve failed and you’re left with next to nothing, you can recover. But it will require every part of your mind, body and spirit. Eat clean food, work out, and hustle like there’s no tomorrow. It’ll be painful in the beginning, but over time you’ll see extraordinary results.


What’s Happening Today

Yesterday, I decided to go back to basics. I’m writing a new book. But I’m not going to take the traditional approach to how I’ve sold the other 39 books that I’ve written. You see, I’ve come the opposite way into this world of marketing. I took the traditional approach of writing books and creating audiobooks and courses using other platforms. I’ve done very well with that. But as I’ve become immersed in this world of marketers, I’ve realized some very important things.

The first thing that I’ve realized is that by leveraging other platforms like Amazon and Audible and so on, I’m limiting myself on the options for fleshing out offers in my own sales funnels. The truth is that this website gets so much traffic that sometimes it just boggles my mind. And I know that the people visiting this site have pain and are looking for solutions. Instead of providing those solutions directly, I’m directing them towards other sites.

That’s well and good for people who are starting out, but I’ve realized, as I’ve become more immersed in this sea of highly skilled online marketers, that I should be building out my own offers in my own funnels. That involves building out new content that I can promote through my own funnels. And getting back to basics just feels good. It feels good to write again, but this time with a more finite approach, with all the marketing know-how that I’ve absorbed in the last couple of years.

In fact, I can’t believe it’s been a couple of years since I’ve written a book. It’s funny how time just goes by so quickly when you’re doing other things that you just forget about the fundamentals. For me, writing books is fundamental. Not sure what it is, but there’s just something that I love so much about crafting out an entire book. Maybe it’s not normal. I get that. But that’s what I genuinely love to do.


Free-Plus-Shipping Offers

There is real power in the word free. So much so that I’ve decided to shift nearly everything that I’m doing into the free-plus-shipping offer model. Obviously, I need a good hook, story and framework. But that model works well. People are more inclined to take an offer that’s free than one they have to pay for. Plus, actually selling something physical like a book works much better than selling a digital product.

However, I still have to figure out the logistics of this. Drop shipping or using a service provider to handle this will take some wrangling. It’s going to be more work than using CreateSpace’s print-on-demand system that’s just so hands-free and automatic. Instead, you have to deal with ensuring proper inventory levels and that things get sent out and orders aren’t missed, and so on and so forth. The details matter.

Still, there’s no beating a free-plus-shipping offer. From what I’ve learned and absorbed from some of the brightest minds in business, it truly is the right way to build a funnel that converts like rapid fire. And I’m all for that. Although, building out my value ladder is taking more time than I expected, it is some of the best time that I’m ever going to invest into myself and my business to fuel its growth.

As much as I understand the mechanics of an irresistible offer and a value ladder, I still get overwhelmed. I’m on the opposite side of most marketers. Where most internet marketers need traffic, I have it. And plenty of it. Gushing white-water rapids of traffic from every direction. In fact, there’s so much traffic that I struggle to create enough offers to target that traffic. That’s where I feel the overwhelm. I know I need to serve these people, but it’s so hard to fulfill every need and niche that I”m serving.

I think that everyone struggles with something at some point. This is just me being transparent. As much as I love to learn, I also love to implement. But oftentimes, when you have so much to implement at one time, you don’t know where to go next. So, for me, I make lists and write big ideas and concepts on a massive white board hanging behind me in my office. As I go through my list, I cross off the items.