Thoughts Of The Day [Day 1]

Why don’t you post more often? That’s literally the question that I get hundreds of emails about. So I’m  introducing this series to give you a daily run down of what’s going on in my life or simply my thoughts of the day. Ultimately, I’ll be doing this in video format. But for now, it’ll be in article format. Please comment or add your thoughts at the end and I’ll do my best to respond to each one of you. 

Wanderlust Worker came online almost 4 years ago to the date. I still remember it. Lackluster. Silent. Anti-climactic. Those are all words I’d use to describe the launch. I’ve owned the domain since 2011. And I still remember the day I bought it. I remember how excited I was to launch and share my thoughts. There was this innate desire I had to help others, and I knew I could do it through the medium of writing.

The domain sat dormant in my domain account for about 3 years. But when I did launch it, it was a big fizzle. At least, in my mind it was. There was no one around. No traffic. Not a single person reading my posts. That was tough back then. However, I didn’t let that dissuade me. I just kept writing and sharing my thoughts and my experiences. I knew that it was for the greater good and whether or not anyone read them didn’t matter. At least that’s what I was telling myself.

I know. I know. It did really matter to me. But even though there was no traffic, I kept going. However, something started to happen over time. People started showing up. They started reading my posts. It didn’t happen suddenly. If I showed you the traffic stats, you’d see that it was a gradual incline that began picking up speed. Eventually, that accelerated exponentially. You see, I was sowing the seeds of goodness. Those seeds take time to germinate.

I suppose, in today’s thought, the first of its kind, I wanted to get that point across. You know, the first book that I ever wrote and published on Amazon was “How Not To Give Up.” Do you know why I wrote that book? Because I had been so sick and tired of giving up in the past, I wrote it as an ode to myself. Seriously. And there’s something to say about not giving up. When you stick it out, and you keep going, moving past your comfort zone, some incredible things begin to happen.

There’s something to say about persistence. If you’ve been around this blog for a while, you know that I’ve written vociferously about failure and giving up and the lessons ensued from all of that. In fact, one of the most popular posts on this blog is the 12 Famous People Who Failed. Subsequently, I wrote another post, due to the popularity of that one, called, 48 Famous Failures. Those two posts drive tens of thousands of visits per month. Yes. Per month.


Where Am I?

It’s 3:40 in the morning here in Orlando, Florida where I just arrived last night to attend Funnel Hacking Live 2018 with Russell Brunson and Tony Robbins. I’m still on Eastern European time so I barely slept aside from a few hours on the plane. The funny thing is that I usually get up almost always around 3am no matter where I am. Think that’s too early? I used to too for a while. But I get so much done in the mornings.

Anyhow, this week is going to be epic. The event. Networking with savvy marketers. The whole proverbial nine yards. I’ll definitely update all of you more about this. The crazy thing is that I have followed Tony Robbins for 2 decades and even got a chance to meet him at his Mastery University. So it’s pretty incredible that Brunson was able to reach Tony Robbins. It took him 10 years to do it. It was part of his Dream 100 strategy. Something similar to how I reached him.

It didn’t take me 10 years. But it took me about a year of adding value and helping to shine a spotlight on what he was doing through big media. Eventually, when you add so much value to someone’s life, without the expectation of something in return, extraordinary things happen. Anyhow, if you’re in Orlando this week and attending the event, I’d love to meet you and shake your hand!


Blog Content

I field a lot of messages about my blog content as well. I know that it helps and inspires so many of you. In fact, this site is reaching 200,000 people every single month and growing fast. That’s pretty remarkable when I sit back to think about it. Now, that took time to achieve. But it’s been rising exponentially for quite some time. It’s interesting to watch the progression on the analytics though.

Anyhow, my thoughts here are on blog content. I want to deliver content that makes sense for you. If you have something in particular you want to see here, just comment down below. I’ll do my best to curate it. Keep in mind that write almost all of the blog content on this site (aside from maybe one guest post) so I invest a great deal of my time in content. But I know that’s what people love so I’m here to deliver.

If you’re interested in ways you can achieve your goals, tell me. Want to find more ways to earn an income online? Let me know. Whatever it is, just tell me. Again, I’ll do my best to deliver. Also, if you see comments and want to show your support for one of them, just like it and it’ll show me that the topic is more relevant.

Anyhow, that’s all for today! I’m going to be heading to the airport later this afternoon to pickup the Webinar King, Jason Fladlien. Probably one of the smartest marketers in the world. Really looking forward to that and seeing all the ClickFunnels family here today and in the next days. Check in here for updates. I’m making this a regular thing since so many of you have been asking for it!