Business Secrets Podcast Episode 40: The Art Of Consistency

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Hello and welcome to another episode of Business Secrets. My name is Robert Kanaat – founder of, the premier online destination for all things inspirational and transformational.

I wanted to thank you for being with me here today. Wherever you are – morning, noon or night – tuning in and listening to me. I hope that they are inspiring you and motivating you to grow and scale your business, or potentially open up a new business. Whatever it is that your goals are, your dreams, your desires are. I think it’s fantastic.

It’s super early here right now. I’m up since 4 am, and I had to get rid of some boxes from recycling. Because we got a bunch of furniture in. You know what happens when you get a bunch of furniture, you get a bunch of boxes – and so I was dealing with that. I always wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning. Sometimes earlier. But lately it’s been around 4 am.

I’ve been on this green juice. It’s not really a fast, but I’m drinking six green – big bottles of green juice a day. They’re prepared fresh for me from this company called Super Juice, it’s pretty amazing. They’re delivered to me fresh every morning. But it’s been like a month and a half, and I’m just thankful that I don’t have to do it myself. Because when you juice yourself, there’s like this massive mess, and I’m not really into that mess. Maybe since I’ve been juicing, I’ve been up– It kind of offsets your energy levels a little bit. Because I haven’t been eating as much, I’ve just been juicing. Yeah, my energy levels are up and down.

It is early in the morning. I woke up today, and I was thinking about this concept in business, and I mean it’s not really a concept. I guess it’s a concept of success. Hanging around with some really, really successful people – there’s one thing that they always do, and they always do it every day. They do it consistently. It’s consistency. It’s the art of consistency and staying consistent. If you’ve ever had a dream or a goal or desire and it fizzed out weeks or months later, then you know what it feels like to not be consistent. It means like you give up.

What I wanted to convey was how you could not give up. How you can stay consistent. I read this – not that long ago, I read – I think it was from Statistic Brain? I read a study that talked about people who set goals on New Year’s Eve. It said that the people who set goals on New Year’s Eve – about 8% of them – only 8% of them follow through. A significant portion drop off after the first week, and then after two weeks, after one month, two month, three months – and it’s a steady decline. Only about 8% of people follow through.

I actually think that it’s less than that for people who set other goals. Whether it’s business or whatever. They decide to do something, and it’s really exciting in the here and now. But then after a while, it gets mundane. How do you push through when you feel like you don’t want to do it anymore? What keeps you going? I wanted to convey some of the lessons from my life, and then maybe those will be useful to you? Talk to you about some of the other most successful people in the world and in history, who have stayed consistent to achieve their goals.

A lot of people think that successful people got successful right away off the bat. That it didn’t take a lot of work, and they just – one day, they just woke up successful. But it doesn’t work that way. You do not see all of the hard work, effort, determination, sleepless nights, early mornings that went into that person’s success. You just see the final output, the final outcome.

Even the media – the media tends to not glorify any of that. They prefer to focus on a person’s failures. Their fall from grace, their failures after they’ve succeeded. As opposed to really shining a light on what it took to get to success. Of course that’s because of like click baiting and people enjoy watching other people’s downfall. I don’t really know. Maybe that there’s just plenty of hate in the world. I’m not sure.

However, staying consistent – that’s the trick. Even Henry Ford, for example. I believe I talked about him before. His first two companies essentially went bankrupt. His first went bankrupt. His second he had joined up with a bunch of partners. They had a big dispute, and he walked away with his name. I believe that company became Cadillac. He went off, and it was the third try to start Ford Motor Company. Before that, it wasn’t actually called Ford Motor Company.

It’s kind of interesting, that was a many, many year kind of struggle for him. He was learning and improving and changing along the way. It’s crazy because you think that successful people are just like – they’re lucky. I don’t know how successful you are in business, where you are in life. Your six figures, seven figures, eight figures – or you’re crushing it at nine figures. Maybe you’re a billionaire. I have no idea, but it’s all about consistency.

If you can be consistent, you can win. The trouble is not being consistent is so easy. That’s why I talk so much about habits on the blog. Because habits are really what helped to push us through. Because it automates our behavior. Where does discipline come from? One of the things that I ranked number one for is the key word “self-discipline,” for a really long time. All of self-discipline pretty much comes from your habits.

Because you’re not constantly conscious of your behavior every time you’re doing it. If you light up a cigarette after your meal, and  you realize you’re smoking – it’s not because you were conscious of it, it’s because it’s habitual. Habits really do run a big part of our lives. I’ve mentioned before – studies say 45%, John Assaraf tells me it’s 85% of our behavior.

Imagine if it’s somewhere in that range of 45 to 85% of everything that you think, say and do in a given day. It’s habitual. Imagine like for a moment you wake up in the morning, you shower, you grab your keys and you get in your car, you drive to Starbucks. Whether you’re in the drive through or you’re standing there and then you – sipping on your hot cup of latte, piping hot cup of latte. You realize you just did that automatically. Or you’re driving home from work, and then you pull into a McDonald’s – and you’re ordering food, before you realize what you’re doing.

It’s all habitual. We’re so used to doing a lot of things. A lot of consistency comes from our habits. But overriding the bad habits, that’s the hard part. How do you say consistent? You stay consistent by building better habits. I believe I talked about keystone habits in this podcast in an episode. If I did, you can probably go back and find it. Because keystone habits are the key. They are the habits that hold all the other good habits in place, and they make the bad habits fall to the wayside.

That is the trick. How do you build up good habits? How do you stay consistent? Because if you have a goal in business – if you have a goal to expand, if you have a goal to grow. Maybe you want to change businesses? Maybe – I don’t know? Maybe you want to go back to school? I have no idea. But how do you stay consistent with what you want? Once you decide on something, how do you consistently move forward?

I’m building a company now called Kribbz. It’s – and I’ve talked about this before. It is the evolution of probably two failures. I don’t know if we could call the last one a failure, but I’m just going to go ahead and call it a failure. Because it was a dispute with my business partner. It left me with no business, but a platform – which I have full intellectual property rights to. Which is amazing.

But building a business like that, it was– So two failures. We’re talking about probably half a decade of work. The actual platform itself is about four years of development. It’s still evolving. We’re adapting it for the current purposes. We’re adapting it for real estate sales. For anybody in the United States to be able to sell their home for free on Kribbz, is a mega amount of work. There’s a lot of parts and moving pieces.

But the crazy thing is, how do you stay consistent? How do I stay consistent? I constantly future jump. By future jumping, what I do is I sit down and I imagine my life with that goal completed, and everything humming. Everything that I’ve ever wanted to have happening and firing and going on in my life. You’re future jumping by literally envisioning how something feels.

For example – long, long, long time ago I wanted a Ferrari. I remember I would distinctly envision myself driving a Ferrari. Wrapping my hands around that leather steering wheel. I could feel the hand stitched upholstery around me in the seat. Just that feeling of sheer power when you stepped on the gas, and this machine lurching forward just with power and grace. I would envision it so deeply, that when I bought one – and then I bought another one–
But when I bought the first one, I was like, “Wow, this feels like I had imagined.” But the first one wasn’t a convertible, and I had been envisioning a convertible. First one was a red hardtop, and the second one was a yellow convertible. When I was driving the yellow convertible, I remember looking in the rear view mirror – in the side mirror. I could see the body curving up. It just felt like surreal, like a fantasy. I had experienced this before, because I had future jumped.

When you future jump, you jump out into the future to the place where you imagine and envision your life going, your business going – whatever it is. That goal that you’ve always wanted has been accomplished. It doesn’t matter – like this works for anything, not just business. If it’s a health goal, if it’s a relationship goal – you have to envision it. You have to live it, like in your mind. Because thoughts become things.

When you envision it, it’s crazy, because all these thoughts that are happening in your sub-conscious mind just start to like come to the surface. You have no idea the amount of thought going on. The amount of things that are happening inside of you subconsciously, that you just don’t even know is happening. It’s playing out so many things. Your deepest, darkest fears, your biggest visions for success. All sorts of things. Your mind is constantly extrapolating, it’s constantly trying to like play this massive chess game.

When you envision, it’s just a crazy thing. It’s the same thing of getting around really successful people. When you get around really successful people – like you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. When you get around really successful people, you don’t realize what’s happening. But your life is changing. Your life is actually really changing. Those are just some tricks to like keep the mind positive. Keep consistent.

Go out there and find people who are succeeding at the highest level, and try to build a relationship with them. That’s the Dream 100 strategy. That’s not my strategy, but it is a strategy, and it does work. It’s Russell Brunson’s strategy that he talks about, the Dream 100. The Dream 100 is powerful. It’s great for affiliate marketing and stuff like that. But it’s also great for literally developing a relationship with successful people so you can get around and be around them.

I think that it’s really in the consistency that this game is won. You can future jump, you can get around really successful people, or you could just sit there and work hard and just eventually give up. Which is, I think not what you want to do. But you have to stay consistent. It’s really in the consistency. If you want to win this game of business, you have to be consistent. There’s literally no if, and’s, but’s about it. You’ve just got to be consistent. Yes there’s a lot of other things to success in business, but really staying consistent – it’s the trick. It takes discipline.

I hope that this was helpful for you. I hope that you guys are enjoying this. Please like and share and subscribe on iTunes. Drop a comment, I read all of them. Thanks so much for tuning in, and I will speak to you guys next time.