10 Blog Post Ideas To Drive Serious Traffic

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” — Benjamin Franklin

I’m in the midst of building a comprehensive course about blogging. But not just any course. Specifically, how you can make money blogging. It’s called the 7-figure blog. So I got to thinking. What are some of the best blog posts ideas that help to drive tons of traffic?

Now, I’ve written well over a thousand blog posts, three dozen books, effectively publishing millions of words online, and as I sat there thinking about some of the best and most engaging pieces of content that I’ve written in the past, the more I realized that it only really boiled down to 10 truly effective types that were part of my go-to strategy.

I suppose I hadn’t put much thought into this before. As a writer, I simply just sit down and write. But looking back at it now, I recognized that I’ve leveraged each of these in some way, whether it was here, on one of my other blogs, or on one of the big media sites that I write for.

I’ve also noticed something else. Some of my blog posts have done far better than others. And there was a specific reason for that. Some of the greatest blog posts I’ve ever written came from personal stories and experiences. It wasn’t so much about the type of post, but more so how I relayed the information.

The vehicle of a story is powerful. Not only do you need to come up with a great idea and angle for your post, you also need to convey that information through parables and personal experiences. Information is far more powerful like that. Just think about the greatest books or movies you’ve ever seen and you’ll realize that stories are central to the lives of the characters.

You see, it’s about the journey. Not about the destination. And the more you use a story to convey that journey, the more effective it’ll be. At the outset, you might find this hard. I know I did in the beginning. I had trouble relating stories and sharing personal experiences, especially ones that were hurtful. But you learn and grow accustomed to doing it over time.

What Are The Best Ideas For Blog Posts

Recently, BuzzSumo analyzed over 100 million headlines to discover the fundamental components of what made great content, well, so great. As you might already know, engagement is taken seriously by search engines like Google. When you engage with content (i.e. share or comment on it), it sends a clear indication that there is real value there in one form or another.

And, since value breeds relevance, that’s a blatant sign that the content is relevant to a specific discussion. If that content is created with a particular focus on a keyword, then it will likely skyrocket to the top of Google’s search results over time. Depending on how trusted the underlying domain is, this will either be relatively quickly or it will take many months to occur.

If you’re looking to learn more about the search engine side of things, I’d highly recommend checking out my course Unlimited Traffic Secrets where you can get an in-depth understanding of some of the most powerful traffic-getting strategies on earth. When you’re building a blog, content is crucial, but so is building that content the right way using search engine optimization.

So if you’re sitting there contemplating the type of blog post you want to write, especially the kind that will drive the most traffic, then this is often what I turn to. The truth about blogging is that you could quite literally put up a blog and make it profitable in virtually any niche as long as you leverage the right strategies and tactics.

One of the best ways to get your blog out there is through content. Content drives traffic, engagement and sales. Period. Plain and simple. It’s the single best way to get the word out there and it can even be used to push ad traffic to as long as the content is built the right way. When you do that, the sky really is the limit.

#1 — Use Lists

Lists are powerful. They drive traffic and engagement. I always use lists as much as possible. If not in the title, certainly within the content itself. What works best? Top 10 lists drive the most engagement according to BuzzSumo’s 100-million-post analyzation. You can even do a “10 Reasons Why _____” and just fill in the blanks.

However, don’t just write a list for the sake of writing it. In my opinion, lists that teach something very useful help the best with traffic and engagement. What can you teach in a list format? For example, some of the most popular articles on this blog are “How To Discipline Yourself With 10 Habits” and “12 Famous People Who Failed” and “21 Important Lesson Learned From Failure.”

#2 — Leverage Controversy

Controversy, as much as some people like to stay away from it, drives traffic and engagement. The truth is that you shouldn’t be afraid to have an opinion. When you vehemently express how you feel about something, you will most certainly stir up some debate. Especially when we’re talking about sensitive topics and subjects.

What drives controversy? Things like religion, politics, abortion, immigration and many other hot-button issues. When you create some controversy, you get people engaging in your content with their comments and feedback. Of course, don’t expect this to be all roses as you’ll likely deal with a lot of push back to whatever you write. That’s normal.

#3 — Conduct Interviews

Interviews are a great idea for blog posts and I use these often across different platforms to build sticky content that attracts lots of eyeballs. That’s especially true if the person that you’re interviewing is relatively well-known. I’ve done interviews of loads of influencers and big-named online marketers out there because it’s a terrific way to play detective and it’s also a way to draw traffic and engagement from people who have pre-built audiences.

The truth is that when you interview someone it allows you to retrace the steps they took to become successful. Since success leaves clues, you could potentially reverse engineer all or some of that path. It isn’t brain surgery. People do it all the time. So this is doubly useful to conduct interviews.

#4 — Reviews

Another great idea for a blog post is to do a review. Either of a product, a service, a company or anything else for that matter. However, be sure that this is authentic. Be transparent. If you recently tried a product or service and have some feedback, write about it on your blog. Why not?

Reviews get great traction and they’ve also a terrific way to market products as an affiliate. As long as it’s honest and you reveal the relationship that you have as an affiliate, there’s nothing wrong with that. In a course that I’m working on called the 7-figure blog, I talk a lot about how you can turn your blog posts into real cash quickly. If you’re interested in blogging, I’d suggest you check it out.

#5 — Tutorials

This is a big one for me. I’m often doing blog posts that are tutorial based to teach things. Think about them like guides. You don’t have to be an expert to create a guide. You do need to know what you’re talking about. But not an expert. So don’t allow it to intimidate you.

What can you do to teach something to others? What can you talk about? Do the research and be sure that you’re thorough. Go all out. This is really important. Take the time to do some searches and see what other people are teaching and then create something better that delivers more value.

#6 — Video Transcripts

Video transcripts require you to create a video first. Find something you can teach in video format. You don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. But you will need to display some slides. You can even hire out gigs on Fiverr to help you with the transcription.

These are simple posts that will make your video more easily findable on search engines like Google. You can even convert existing blog posts into videos, which is a great way to add some multimedia to your blog. Make the content relevant to whatever it is that you’re selling or offering so that you can drive the right type of buyer-intentioned traffic.

#7 — News & Events

News and event s are a great way to drive some traffic to your blog. Make sure that its relevant and topical to whatever it is that you’re talking about. You can also use news and events to get your blog listed in Google’s News and other media platforms similar to that. This is a terrific way to get immediate exposure for your content.

When you’re listed in Google News, your content ranks almost immediately. That’s a quick and easy way to get droves of eyeballs for free and organically. However, getting listed on Google News isn’t easy. You’ll need to have a decent track record for your blog, so don’t expect to do this right off the bat. But the results from this exposure are phenomenal.

#8 — Podcast Notes

Podcasts are a terrific way to build your audience and subscriber base. You can also turn them into blog posts by creating notes and even transcribing them. Oftentimes, you can’t convey technical or tutorial information through podcasts, but you can direct the listeners to another place on your blog where they can grab some more information.

Building a podcast audience isn’t too difficult. It requires consistency. Just like blogging. In fact, the podcast format might be a bit easier for you depending on how you like to communicate. Communicating through writing is one form. Speak is another. But like any other skill, it develops and gets better over time.

#9 — Checklists

Checklists are another way to convey your ideas in a logical format. Maybe it’s a list of things that people need to do before they leave on vacation or steps they need to take to start their own business. Checklists aren’t like best-of lists, they’re more logical and strategic, conveying a bigger plan that helps you solve some problem.

Checklists can be used to help people prepare for things like exams, pass certifications, ace interviews, and so on. It’s a great way to help teach something in another formate. Come up with something intuitive that you can teach and ensure it relates to the underlying content of your site and whatever it is that you’re selling. The more research you do here the better.

#10 — Entertainment

Of course, you could always post about entertainment. Celebrity news is always searched often. But it could literally be anything entertaining. Anything that you feel could help to deliver some entertainment value is great for posts of this nature. It doesn’t work for every type of blog. But if you can make it work, then it’s definitely something to consider.

Considering that celebrity news and trending entertainment news gets lots of traffic, if can certainly drive lots of eyeballs. However, you have to determine if it’s the right type of traffic for you. But no matter what type of blog post you go with, always ensure that you’re driving people to relevant content that sells something at the end of the day and ensures you get more people into your sales funnels and ultimately boost your conversions.